The Watcher's NYC listening party review NYC listening party by "the watcher"
by Jes, "the watcher"

Hey all... I thought i would write a little review of NY since im now semi-healthy again =p (though angi's was rather entertaining so i dont know that i can compete =) ::waves hello::

Lets see I went with Dink and Rick and orginally we had planned on going to the Met first but go into the city too late. So we went around and shopped up in Manhatten for the morning. Then we took the subway down to Don Hills and walked over (acutally that was most of our day, get on the subway and walk =p im too used to DC and Balitmore i think and the ability to hop in your car and zip over to where you want LOL)... anyway

So we managed to get over to the club a little before the party and sat and talked with everyone (hey rudy! loved that tape!!!! ;-) As angi had said we all got to molest the peekochew (sorry can't spell it) that Rick had just bought downtown while we waited for Mr. Briggs =) then we filed into the club and grabbed a spot and got comfy for the listening. I definatly liked the set up! it was nice to hear it 2 times since i could never have made up my mind about what i hear the first time through i was just too amazed =) now how to make my comments and still remain anonymous ... since pat knows were we all live now ;-)

I loved it! The growth from Espina to Pandemic is truely impressive. Both times through were a moving ride through passion and deep emotion. The driving beats for songs like Contradiction and Euthanasia can't help but draw you in and work their way into your whole being. And then there are songs like Monsoon and Valentino that wring your heart with their depth and beauty. This album is truely beautiful and moving all around. Considering how much i fell in love with it after i heard this through 2 times i can't imagine what im going to feel when i can put it on continous loop on my cd player =p (and I will!!) I couldn't help but think as I listened the second time, how appropriate the title is for this album. It covers a wide assortment of music (sometimes in one song =) and it infects you to the core. Though im sure my interpretation wasn't quite what was intended =p

Anyway Im throughly in love and I can't wait to get ahold of a copy, june can't come soon enough!! =) I've of course spent what time alive i've had the last couple days telling everyone how much i love it and how they HAVE to get it when it comes out *L* im driving my friends insane and its only been a couple days haha...

And I just have to say too that I was totally blown away by how nice Pat was!! And I really wish i could see the look on my freinds face when he opens the package i just sent him, he'll die hahaha =) Since Pat was kind enough to sign something for my friend in Scotland =) hee ..

Well im starting to ramble now.. so i'll stop. This was just one of the best birthdays of my life saturday!! =) My first trip to NY, time with my best friends, and getting to hear the new Psychotica album.. im in heaven =)

Jes, the watcher

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