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by Tool51578@aol.com

ok ok! here's my review/story of our day finally....

I picked up roni(lilykatt) from the bus station at *yawn* 8:30 am, unlike last time I'm sorry! Anyway we ate breakfast then mosied on over to Coal Stages. Oddly enough I recognized an irc friend/list member with his gf and an old list member Tony/Etrnluv666 who some may remember but its been a while. We were the first ones there. We went inside to a rather small yet comfortable room. Shortly after Pat and Liz arrived and Pat goes "no no the big room". More people showed up around this time, there ended up being about 20-25 people. It was great to finally meet Liz, shes cool and nice as I expected Pat was very nice as I expected too, even when Tony jokingly asked him "so who are you? are you here for the listening party too?" It was pretty funny and Pat laughed it off as well.

Then we got the listening underway and I was skeptical at first about the first few songs, but as I heard more and more I was really pleased. And on the second listen the songs I wasn't sure about made more sense. Of course I won't tell anything more because I don't want to get my head bit off. Then we took a few pictures, Pat signed some things for people and everyone left.

Now Roni and I had about 6 hours to kill until Makeup Night which we were of course attending. We showed up at the el rey by 5 and killed time listening to music. We met someone coming outside of the el rey named Jack and it turns out that he was one of the performers that night. Two girls from the listening party earlier showed up and we hung out for a while. As we sitting and waiting though, a guy who worked for the el rey, we'll just call him cockface, told us it was 21+ and not 18+. Fortunately, he turned out to be wrong. But he did make us wait outside forever and freeze. Oh yeah, being Makeup Night Roni put a little makeup on this face and it looked really good I thought(first time I've ever done that).

Finally we got in and found a table up front. A random guy came in with us who we met in line, who had no idea what he was in for but still had a good time. EVB came over and I introduced myself. Me and roni got ourselves drinks(me carded? of course not!) and talked to the band members of Nation of Fear, the lead singer was at the listening party. They were very cool guys, and we listened to their cd earlier that day. Anyway later on the show was about to start and Liz got set up to videotape it while roni and i were in the front row with cameras ready. Pat came out with the headdress as liz described and the jewels strategically placed along his crotch, as I saw in pics before. Roni and I snapped away, and we went through a whole lotta film the whole night. We never figured out the question, did we Roni? I wasn't about to find out for myself! Pat started off with the great band might I add singing "Lust for Life", and I was loving it. I even got to sing a line. Afterwards Jackie Beat was introduced by Pat and Alexis Arquette who I knew I recognized but I just didn't where from. They sang a song, and then Pat joined them for another song. They came out once again for another song, but before Pat introduced Jack who we had met earlier that night. It was really cool he was singing and then recognized me and roni and pointed us during his two song set(I think it was). I got a few pictures with him afterwards and talked for a little. Overall the show was great, and I was very satisfied with not only Pat but the other performers. I talked to Pat for a few mins afterwards and it was weird I felt fairly comfortable talking to him. Okay this is dragging on pretty long, I'm sorry. Other highlights from saturday night were myself getting hit on quite a lot by guys but only problem is I'm not gay(maybe I should be eh?), myself spotting Rose McGowan(sp?) and for some reason she was staring at me...oh wait I was staring at her too n/m, Liz taking a picture of two people doing....*something*, and also myself being a tad drunk by the time the show started. All in all a great time, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some things. Great finally meeting roni and Liz as well. NY in my future for the next tour? If I can afford it...

- Tewl

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