America's New Nightmare

REVOLT Music Editor

�Having been on the mainstage as the opening act for this year�s Lollapalooza, New York City�s Psychotica have been thrown into the spotlight and have been the center of hype with their self-titled debut album on American Records. Singer Patrick Briggs couldn'�t be happier with the exposure.

"Lollapalooza was a great experience for us. It was a lot of fun for us. A lot of people came out to see us early and apparently we had the highest turn out for any opening act in the history of the tour", says a happy Briggs. "We have already gotten lots of fan mail and our release week for the album was huge too." About the success right now the band is seeing he says, "I can�t complain with where we are. This is sort of the joke that went to far. You get together with people who you like and do fun creative stuff and it turns into this large thing with a life of it�s own, at a point where you can�t control it."

He adds, "There are a lot of skeptics about us right now because it has happened to us so rapidly. People are saying, �Oh yeah..we�ll see how long this lasts� and you gotta just love that. I do. I look at it and say it is just fun to be around. I think this record appeals to a lot of people."

As seen in the early days of the band - comprised of guitarist Ena, drummer Buz, bassist Tommy Salmorin, other vocalist Reeka and cellist Enrique C. Tiru-Velez - in New York, Briggs says that he feels the band�s music appeals to a broad range of people. "We have a really broad range of musical fans and I think that is because we have a glitter/glam oriented look and sound. I think it appeals to a lot of people because I think people now want to have something flashy back in their lives. Make their lives more fun."

The self-titled debut is a monstrous dosage of theatrical productions mixed with musical brilliance, as the eighteen tracks of the album go from extravagant to downright creepy and almost anarchistic Rock n� Roll at times. On the topic of song ideas and lyrics, Briggs says, "The album is riddled with my life�s experiences. I like to hide them in metaphor, instead of inflicting them with a therapy session as some bands do. I want to be a bit more creative than that."

The album�s makeup of multiple song varieties was essential to providing Psychotica with it�s own identity accounts Briggs. "I wanted this to be an eclectic mix of stuff. I think the boring part of records today is that there is not enough variety in records today. Bands will argue and record companies will argue that you need to have a very focused sound but that can get very monotonous and I think we tried to get a sound. We have a sound we have and I think we added a lot of dynamics and variation."

As some may not know, Briggs has done years of theater work, was part of the off-Broadway production of the play Rent (which has gone onto success on Broadway) and has one or two movie roles to his credit. He has been very busy leading up to this point in his life and all of this work continues to plague him but all he can do is laugh and enjoy it he says. "It is what I have always wanted to do with my life. I�ll sleep when I am dead." He laughs.

Does Briggs consider himself (looking at the whole image and style of the band) as a weird person? "Probably more than you�d like to know" he says laughing. "We are constantly shrouded in rumor and mystery in the States. I try to keep my personal life under rap a bit. It is too weird sometimes." The band plans to tour the United States/North America till the beginning of December and from that point on we'll see where success and hype takes them. Psychotica is living one big dream and couldn�t be loving it any way else.