Psychotica-Related Discography

Psychotica Related Discography

This is a listing of other releases that Psychotica members have appeared on. Please click on underlined links for more information on specific releases.


Pat sang for a band called "RU Ready" that recorded an album scheduled for release on Mechanic Records in 1991. However the label folded before the album was released.

He appears on the compilation CD SEX, DRAGS AND ROCK & ROLL as his alter ego "Torment".


Former Psychotica drummer Buz also drummed for "YOUTH GONE MAD" along with guitarist Ena Kostabi. He appears on the album "Dayjob" (1994)


Ena is easily the most prolific member of Psychotica - here is a listing of his recorded output (huge thanks to Ena for supplying this!)

Youth Gone Mad Discography

YGM first 7" 5 songs self release, 1981
SMK 7 Compilation 2 songs, 12", 1982
Everything offshoot YGM members, 1984
Buried Alive compilation SMK7 recordsm 1985
YGM Crime Rate 88 7" self released 2 songs, 1988
YGM "Life Sweet Life" 7" posh Boy records 2 songs, 1989
YGM Isolation 7" on Vital Music records, 1990
YGM Yesterday's Innocence Tomorrows Insanity 7" on Smiling Ear records, 1991
YGM Loudmouth 7" Piggy Bank Records Ramones cover, 1991
YGM Porcupine 7" Rottenroll records split with SBH, 1992
YGM It's Spreading Campary records 7" 5 songs, 1992
YGM Split 7" with Letch Patrol self released, 1992
Vital Music Sampler 5 bands Flexi, 1992
Vital Music records TOMMY compilation 7", 1992
YGM West/East CD full length on Celluloid, 1992
Panx vinyl zine comp??, 1992
YGM Free Flexi in Flipside #69 5 songs, 1992
Mouth Full Of Monkey Bile Comp 7" Flush records 7", 1993
Blame and Burn 7" comp, Flush records, 1993
Celluloid Our world of Music comp cd, 1993
Celluloid Dumbrock Comp CD, 1993
Thrasher Magazine skate comp "Crank It Up", 1993
400 day Headache compilation 12", 1993
Agony of a Contaminated Society Campary records comp 12", 1993
YGM Dayjob Celluloid records CD full Length, 1994
Panx 7" 16 band comp.,1995
100 band Wood Panel Pacer wagon comp., 1995
YGM Why is it still Hard 7" Last Resort Records, 1995
Saw Blade 7" split with Los Gusanos Musical Tragedies, 1995
Stage Diving to the oldies cd comp. Restless records, 1995
Posh Boy Story CD comp Damaged Goods records London, 1994
Best of Rodney on the Roq (Oki Dogs) MT records, 1995
Toxic Flyer Zine compilation Cassette, 1993
October Revolution tape comp Astro Zombie records, 1993
YGM Pollenate PANX records cd full length, 1996
Know records CD comp Nothing to believe in 1996,
Buried Alive CD compilation re-release, 1996
YGM ROTTEN for PANX records full length CD release in 1997

with other bands

White Zombie - "Gods on Voodoo Moon" 7" 1985
Hammerbrain 7" self released 2 songs, 1996
Hammerbrain 7" Intensive Scare records Split with Sewage, 1996
Fall From Grace 7" Posh Boy records, 1996/1997
Lilly Of The Valley HUSH CD comp. Swoon records 1 song, 1996
Guitar trax for Republica RCA records, 1996

Production credits

DETOX 7" Monkey Palm records, 1983
Robbie Scott and the Bitchenoids 12" 6 song ep 200 copies, 1984
Passive Idiots 7" ET GO DIE, 1983
Live Action Pussy Show Germany CD for Posh Boy, 1995
Sisters Grimm 7" for Posh Boy records, 1996
Halfbreeds 7" for Posh Boy 7", 1996
Sisters Grimm 7" for Thunder Baby records, 1996
Halfbreeds 7" for Planet of noise records (sweden), 1996/1997
Pep G!rlZ 7" for Honeyhole/Posh Boy records, 1996
Pep G!rlZ full length CD for Alive/Bomp records, 1996/1997
Chumba Love and the Furry Love 7" for Honeyhole records, 1997
Youth Gone Mad Pollenate for PANX records, 1996
Youth Gone Mad ROTTEN for PANX records, 1996


Tommy Salmorin played bass for the debut CD by THE TOILET BOYS(Toilet Boys Inc in assocation with Squeezebox Records, 1996)


NINE WAYS TO SUNDAY, Giant Records, 1990