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April 24, 2000

Just got back from Atlanta and had a great night at Pat's new club "GLITTERDOME". You can visit their new website at and I'll have the invitation for next month up on this site as soon as I get a chance to scan it.

Had a chance to talk to Pat about what's up.... basically no real news to report though - Pat is now legally free from his contract with the now defunct Red Ant but the "Pandemic" and "World Dominatrix" albums are still tied up in legal hassels though there is a label interested in possibly releasing "Pandemic" if they can straighten things out. Basically he's just taking a breather from it all and concentrating on "Glitterdome" for the time being in the hopes that his incredible luck will come through again and things will work out. Needless to say I'll post any news when I have it.

- - - EVB

January 24, 2000

Ena and former Psychotica drummer BUZ are off to Chicago in early February to record with producer Steve Albini - more info as it developes!

Meanwhile "Pandemic" is floating around the net on MP3... officially it "shouldn't" be bootlegged but personally I'm happy that fans can finally get a chance to hear it. Hopefully we'll have some news on a release in the not too distant future.

November 12, 1999

Thanks to all who made it out to see Pat and the Makeup crew in Las Vegas on October 30th, was good to see some of you there! Pat will no longer be perfoming at Makeup and thanks you for your support at the shows this year.

As far as Psychotica goes, Red Ant will not be releasing "Pandemic", but plans are underway for it to come out through another label in early 2000. I will post more information as I have it. - Elizabeth

October 16, 1999

Ena has just released a new album with his other band "Youth Gone Mad" on eMpTy Records called "Touching Cloth" featuring an appearance by Dee Dee Ramone! For ordering information check out eMpTy record's website. They also have a gallery of Ena's paintings online proving he's not the only artist in the Kostabi family!

September 28, 1999

Still no word on a release date for Pandemic but meanwhile Pat is doing a special one off MAKEUP show in Las Vegas on Saturday, October 30th at Club Baby at the HARD ROCK HOTEL.

Tickets will be onsale TODAY (September 28th) at RETAIL SLUT, 7308 Melrose Avenue in Hollywood today for folks in LA who want to buy them there. These are tickets for the show only for now - they are $25

This Saturday at the club Makeup combination tickets will be onsale for the show AND the roundtrip bus ride (still just $25 for all!) - the bus seats are limited. Any left over combo tickets will be sold at Retail Slut AFTER this weekend.

The buses will depart from the El Rey Theater on Saturday October 30th at 2pm - anybody providing their own transportation is welcome to caravan along and follow the buses! The buses will be sponsered by MAC Cosmetics, Lip Service and Sebastian Hair Care & goodies will be given to riders & entertainment will be provided - those crazy drag queens will be running BINGO games and E! Entertainment television will be filming the proceedings and the Vegas show for a future E! special as "Hollywood Nights" was such a hit - don't miss it! (Speaking of E!, they will be airing the "Hollywood Nights" Makeup special at 8 pm PRIME TIME this Saturday, October 2nd)

For those of us that AREN'T in LA, tickets will be on sale through Ticketmaster ( Search by state "Nevada" and venue "Hard Rock Hotel" for listing. The Las Vegas charge by phone # is 702-474-4000. Doors will open at 11pm, the show will start at 2 AM (which means it IS on Halloween proper!) Its open to ages 21 & up and tickets are general admission. Hope to see some of you there!

August 10, 1999

Pat will be recording as his alter ego "Torment" on the forthcoming "Glamarama" album by the Makeup house band and drag performers Alexis Arquette, Jackie Beat, Misstress Formicka and more! Check out the MAKEUP section on Atomic Pop's website at!

Remember Makeup happens at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles the first Saturday of every month tho Pat is also booking shows in other cities for this fall including a special Halloween extravaganza on October 30th at Club Baby in the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas! There will be a charter bus trip running from LA to Las Vegas and back and we'll be offering a chance to win tickets - please check back for more info as it becomes available!

Still waiting on a release date for Pandemic!

Also check out the interview with Pat in the latest issue of GENRE magazine with some GREAT pix like this one below!

July 10, 1999

As of July 6th we've switched servers and are now 100% geocities free! A good thing too considering that Yahoo has bought them out and their new terms and conditions give them intellectual property ownership of anything posted on their page. Any geocitizens with their own original writings, art or photography might want to rethink their lease!

A commercial server means we can finally list stuff for sale and fan club info on the site so please check the re-vamped merchandise page!

Still no release date for "Pandemic" but may of you got a taste of it on the soundtrack of the E! Channel documentary "Hollywood Nights" about Pat's hot new LA club Makeup! Hopefully the buzz will get Red Ant into gear so they can tie in to the publicity surrounding Makeup!

Pat is currently in LA recording an album along with the Makeup house band and various drag stars that will be released under the name GLAMARAMA with the title "World Dominatrix.

Makeup fans will be pleased to hear they'll be doing some shows in other cities - right now the only confirmed date I have is for HALLOWEEN in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock! What will Torment wear?? See ya there!

June 22, 1999

I'm afraid I've had some computer disasters - my hard drive completely crashed about two weeks back and I lost ALL the data on it. My back up disc for the fan club goes up to April 6th so if you joined after April 6th PLEASE write me at and give me your name, address and membership number! I have a few new memberships here that I haven't had a chance to process yet as I have to redo the graphics to make new laminates but at least I've finally replaced (most) of the software I needed. I also lost ALL the e-mail on the computer that I hadn't answered yet so if you wrote and didn't get a reply please write again!

E! Entertainment channel will be airing an hour long documentary on Pat's hot new LA club MAKEUP on this coming June 27th at 10pm that will include footage of Pat performing and use some of "Pandemic" for the soundtrack. Check out the Makeup website at

Pat is now working on an album with the Makeup band that will be half cover tunes and half original material.

We still don't have a concrete release date for Psychotica's new album "Pandemic" - the latest I've been told is September 28th as the record companies prefer waiting to release stuff until the fall when college is in session - will keep everybody up to date on news as I have it!

June 2, 1999

E! television recently filmed a one hour documentary on Pat's new LA club Makeup which will air June 27th at 10pm (too hot for prime time!). Some of the new Psychotica songs will be prominently featured in the soundtrack.

We still do not have a release date for Pandemic but will post it as soon as we get it from Red Ant!

Also at the May 1st Make Up party E! television filmed a one hour documentary on the club that will air in June and feature Pat performing as his alter ego "Torment" and songs from "Pandemic" will be featured during the program which will air in June (check back for time!)

April 25, 1999

Pat will be featured in the June 1999 ad campaign for LA Eyeworks.

April 22, 1999

Pat's LA club MAKE UP is taking off BIG time! For those of you that might not know about it , its a one night a month event similar in format to his NYC night Squeezebox (drag queens & performers covering rock songs with lovely hostess "Torment") that he's putting on at the El Rey Theater in LA the first Saturday of every month along with well known LA promoters Joseph Brooks & Jason Lavitt. Well they've done it 3 times so far & after the 2nd time the LA Times voted it the best new dance club (see below) and the success has far exceeded what they'd hoped for!

Now E! entertainment television is filming a one hour documentary on the club that will air in 120 countries! They've already started working on it interviewing the parties involved and they'll be filming the May 1st show. Pat will be performing the new Psychotica song "Valentino" as Torment.

And with the success of Makeup in LA they might be also doing a few shows in some other cities and a possible Makeup tour in the future (perhaps combined with a Psychotica tour!) There will also be a Makeup album (with the house band & various dragstars doing covers).

April 12, 1999

Thanks to all the fans who came to the listening parties in LA & NYC - we really appreciate your feedback and hope you enjoyed getting a sneak preview of "Pandemic"! Just posted some pix and reviews here!

April 1, 1999

Hope to meet some of you this Saturday in LA at the listening party for Pandemic! If you are in town that night you might want to check out Pat's newest club night "Make Up"at the El Rey Theater. Here's what the LA Times said in today's edition:

Toasts of the Town - The first Club Buzz awards single out the venues that have surpassed all expectations and deserve a Betty. By HEIDI SIEGMUND CUDA, Special to The Times

* Best New Dance Club: Make-Up. If Joseph Brooks believes Make-Up is the best dance club he's ever created, who can argue? Brooks, who partnered up with Jason Lavitt and Pat Briggs to throw this monthly glam rock affair at the El Rey Theatre, is as legendary as the two decades worth of clubs he helped pioneer--including the Veil, Sin-A-Matic and Coven 13. Make-Up, which features a glam rock cover band and performers from the genre's '70s heyday, could only have been created by Brooks. If he hadn't moved to L.A. after meeting interesting Angelenos at the Sex Pistols Winterland show, hadn't spent 1977 and 1978 living in London at the peak of the punk era, or hadn't upon his return to L.A. opened the import record store Vinyl Fetish, Make-Up couldn't exist. Thankfully, it does.

Make-Up at the El Rey Theatre this Saturday (the first Saturday of every month), 5515 Wilshire Blvd., (323) 769-5500. 18 and over, $10 cover.

You can also read their review of the opening night here.

"Lawrence of Arabia meets Liberace"

March 29, 1999

Over the weekend I got to visit with Pat and Eric up in the NYC studio where they are busy mixing the tapes along with producer Jon Fryer. Got to hear the finished versions of some of the new songs including "Pandemic", "Fools Gold", "Modern Utopia", "Valentino" and "Monsoon" (which they were just finishing). They have a few yet to mix but will be done by the end of this week in time for the listening party in LA on Saturday! The new songs are fantastic and I know everybody is going to love them! Hope to see lots of you there and at the NYC one on April 10th - Pat still needs to give me the exact times & places for both but as soon as I have them I will email everybody who RSVP'd!

February 27, 1999

Pat called me yesterday from England... things are going great but he's got a small problem - they think all the songs are soooo good on the new album that they are having major trouble deciding which will be the single! So here's the plan:

We're hosting two listening parties for fans only.... if you come you'll get to hear all the new songs and then vote for your choice for the single. We know its impossible to have one everywhere & sorry that all of you won't be able to attend but at least there will be one on each coast - one in New York and the other in LA which will make a lot of people's chances of attending better.

The LA event will be first on Saturday April 3rd (the same night Pat will be co-hosting the monthly party "Make Up" at the El Rey theater). The New York one will be Saturday April 10th. We don't have a set time or place yet since a lot of that will depend on how many people are going where it is held (but it will be during the day) - it might be in a recording studio or in a club if we get a lot of responses.

To quote Pat "This is your opportunity [to tell us what you think], after this I don't want to hear a f---ing word." (well he told me to post that!)

This event will be RSVP only - in order to figure out how big a space w eneed to know how many people are coming so you'll have to send us your name by March 20th and let us know which listening party (NYC or LA) you want to go too. If a friend is coming with you we need their name too - all are welcome as long as they tell us in advance!) E-mail us at: or if you don't have e-mail you can snal mail us at the fan club address:

PO Box 639
Washington Grove, MD 20880-0639

We'll let you know the exact times and places when we have it set up!

Pat is really excited about the album - he thinks its by far & away the best thing they've done! They've only got two more songs left to go and Dierdre and Louise Rutkowski from This Mortal Coil still need to come in to do their back up vocals. There will be a total of 10 new songs on the album plus the Giorgio Mororder renix of MacArthur Park will appear as a hidden bonus track. They are recording at an old manor house in Milton Keynes England about 40 miles outside of London (Pat has been having fun at the London clubs too

Red Ant is already scheduling releases - the first single will be released to college radio in late April and the album will be out in early June - tour to follow album release! More news as we know it! Watch this space!

Also if Ronnie from El Paso reads this please get in touch - Pat really wants to see your pix from the Make Up opening in LA!

Pat at Squeezebox 01/29/99

January 31, 1999

If you are in LA on February 6th check out the new club night "Make Up" at the El Rey Theater co-created by Pat Briggs along with some folks notable in the LA goth/glam scene for those of you west coast folks unable to get to Squeezebox! Rumor has it a certain Torment will be appearing... Pat will be going directly to England from LA afterwards to start the final recording sessions for the upcoming LP "Pandemic". I've just heard a few of the new songs so far but they are amazing (and those were just rough demos!!)

January 20, 1999

Happy 1999 everyone,

Hope it has started out as great for all of you as it has for us. Things have been rockin' right from the get go for us here. Even as I sit here writing this I am just back after spending two and a half months in Los Angeles doing pre-production with Ena on the new album. Both of us have been working very hard to make sure you are all happy (cuz god knows how crabby you get if you're not hehehe).

So here's the lowdown. The producer we've chosen to work with is one of my personal favorites in the planet and I'm sure that many of you will agree. His name is Jon Fryer and his credits include: This Mortal Coil, Cocteau Twins, Stabbing Westward, NIN, Lush, Gravity Kills and many more. He obviously has quite a resume' and both Ena and myself are very excited to work with him.

We are going to be recording the new album in a castle in the English countryside called Great Linford Manor (how insanely goth is that?). You know I'm going to be marching up and down the halls with a long black flowing cape and lit candelabra at all times, just for the aethestics of it all. Do you think they'll let me bring a coffin with my native dirt through customs without a hassle?

We have decided with the producer to use a twelve piece live orchestra on much of the album which of course has Ena jumping up and down with excitement. At last I can be a true Diva!

According to the schedule we should be finished with recording in mid-March and start mixing in new York for a release the second week of May but if you're all good little elves, I'll have EVB put some of the new tracks up for downloading on the site.

The title of the new album is "Pandemic". For those of you who don't know cuz people keep asking me, according to Websters Dictionary, "Pandemic" is defined as: of a disease, universal; widely distributed; affecting a nation. I think that pretty much shows our intention, don't you think?

Some of the song titles include: "Wish List" (my personal fav so far), "Utopia-29", "Chinoise", "Euthanasia", "Harlow", "Pandemic" and "The Cross that U Bear".

We have also been admittedly self-indulgent in re-recording "MacArthur Park" with the legendary Giorgio Moroder who if you are too young to remember did the huge hit version of the same song with Donna Summer in the seventies as well as some of your old favs like "Call Me" with Blondie, Sigue Sigue Sputnik's debut album ("Flaunt It") and many others. Now I know that many of you will hate it, but please try and be open minded and have a sense of humor about it. I obviously know that it has nothing to do with what we sound like but we needed to have a little fun. I did it specifically as a personal thing because when I was young he was probably the most influential producer of the era and I've always wanted to work with him.

As far as tour dates go we have started to mull it over and I don't have anything confirmed yet but I do know that we are going to start touring at the end of May and turnout for the "Espina" tour was so impressive that I came up with a plan.

Being that much to my surprise many of you started caravaning with us last time and spending sometimes your last dollar and driving thousands of miles just to be at some of the shows, I think that we should organize it this time. As I am just as dedicated to you as you are to me, I am toying with some ideas to have those who follow us in the caravan on the road to work the merchandise booth or set up your own tables to sell your art or products of creativity etc. so that you can be out with us and not starve to death doing it.

Obviously we can't support everyone so maybe we'll do a regional lottery or something to be fair (suggestions and ideas on this topic are welcome). The point is, however, that if you guys want to be out there on the road and help, then I want you there with us and I'll do whatever humanly possible to make it happen!

Anyhow, enough of my babbling, gotta split for London now, Can't wait to see you guys this spring and looking forward to making a great record for all of you to enjoy!

Love Always,
Pat and Ena