Psychotica transcript from MTV video Music Awards-Sept.4.1996

MTVixen : We have PSYCHOTICA live online right now.... They are working under the screename VMA VIP2. Welcome PSYCHOTICA!

VMA VIP : Psychotica: Hey everybody from the surreal glam world of Pat Briggs

MTViolator : RustFace asks, what genre do you consider yourselves? And who do you look up to in the music world?

VMA VIP : Psychotica: hybrid glam influences being new wave, glitter and certain facets of European theater art

MTViolator : ERIN7732 asks: What was your biggest highlight at LOLLAPALOOZA?

VMA VIP : Psychotica: the church people protesting us in Tennessee because I came out on a giant mirrored cross mission accomplished.

MTViolator : FROTH are you Psychotic, what's with the name?

VMA VIP : Psychotica: don't try and be overly cerebral about it . no, we're in the costume hall of fame -we're the youngest - we were in there before we had a record out

MTViolator : SICKgranny asks, who are you anxious to see tonight?

VMA VIP : Psychotica: I was really happy to see Tony Bennett

MTViolator : GuitarPik asks, Hi psychotica, I saw you at Lollapalooza in FL and CA....I thought you were pretty cool...any plans for a new CD?

VMA VIP : Psychotica: The CD just came out if you don't have it pick it up - we're starting our tour across the country two weeks and we will be in Florida.

MTVixen : Thanks to PSYCHOTICA! Have a riot, guys!