From the 1996 Lollapalooza Tour Program...

"Do not be alarmed! Psychotica come in peace, and they only want you to have some fun.

Singer Patrick Briggs may have emerged from chrome-plated spaceships onstage and appeared to audiences wearing only Saran Wrap, but he's not an alien--he's one of you. Or so he claims...

"I totally sympathize with any kid out there," he says. "I never want to go through puberty again. It doesn't matter what they look like. It doesn't matter whether we're dressed the same. I always feel like they created me, therefore I am theirs."

And what you, the audience, have created is a cybernetic glam-rock sextet that smashes 'n' grabs what it needs from the bolder visual and musical style of past decades. Briggs appropriately labels Psychotica's music "Bladerunner Rock" and claims allegiance to Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Klaus Nomi and Devo--artists who presented pure entertainment packages to fans. For their efforts, the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame rewarded Psychotica with an exhibit in which Briggs appears on a neon cross alongside wax figures of Trent Reznor, Iggy Pop and David Bowie.

Just as the '80's goth band Specimen emerged from a scene revolving around London's Batcave club, Psychotica comprises six fugitives from New York's Squeezebox. The club is "notorious for being incredibly sexually ambiguous--a pseudo--glam melding of punk, new wave, drag queens, rockers and all things New York," says Briggs. Brought together a year ago in that glitter-encrusted petri dish, Briggs, guitarist Ena Kostabi, drummer Buz, cellist Enrique Tiru, bassist Tom Salmorin and reggae-toaster Reeka were each "so wrong for each other that it made something pretty different."

Now that the independent music scene "has gotten just as Spinal Tap as the hair [metal] bands did eight years ago," Briggs feels a "glam reŽxplosion" is impending. Alongside NYC peers Lunachicks and the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, Psychotica are leading the insurrection against banal guitar rock and gas-pump-attendant chic. "You go into small towns and bring something that's entertaining to them, and they live for it," Briggs insists, "because everything their parents despise and are afraid of-those kids live for."

And what can audiences expect when Psychotica open the Main Stage festivities?

"Well, I'm not gonna give that away because I really do want it to be a surprise. I'm planning something really special," promises Briggs. "All I will say is that I'm going to be using the daylight to my advantage..."