Why I constructed this page...

I first heard of Klaus around 1979 I think.... my friend Lisa moved to NYC for a few months & was living in the Chelsea Hotel. She kept telling me about this odd little fellow she kept running into at the Mudd Club who was from Germany, sang opera & was a pastry chef by day. He was always in the ladies room re-adjusting his makeup which is where she met him.

She moved back to Philadelphia & whenever we heard he was playing in NYC we drove up to see every show we could & saw him play a number of times at his solo shows & when he appeared with Joey Arias' band Strange Party. He was amazing in concert and his voice just as breathtaking as on his albums, and such a striking, odd looking person. I believe he was the first person I ever saw in black lipstick - it was his trademark - this was way before the whole "goth" thing started. The only place you could buy it then was at Fioruccis. They also sold photo postcards of Klaus - I bought some but have lost them over the years - I hope that someday they resurface in the many boxes of stuff I have!

I never actually met him face to face which I regret but I was quite shy back then (very much unlike how I am now I might add!) and I was devastated when I heard of his death.

I'll never forget seeing him on Saturday Night live with David Bowie doing the backups to "Boys Keep Swinging" along with Joey. I used to run into Joey all the time when I used to go to Fioruccis on 59th street - every time I saw him he had a different colored hair & I thought he was the coolest. I always wondered what happened to him & found out quite by accident when I went to the club Squeezebox in '96 and he was performing there! It's a small world all right!

- Elizabeth (EVB)

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