Klaus Nomi Discography

Klaus Nomi Discography



Klaus Nomi
1981, Spindizzy Music / RCA S.A., Record No. : ND70229

Songs: Keys of Life (K.Moni), Lightning Strikes (Lou Christie/Twyla Herbert), The Twist (Chubby Checker), Nomi Song (K.Hoffman), You Don't Own Me (Jay Madara/D.White), The Cold Song (H.Purcell) [Originally a bass aria from the semi-opera "King Arthur"], Wasting My Time (K.Nomi / S.Woody), Total Eclipse (K.Hoffman), Nomi Chant (M.Parrish), Samson and Delilah, Aria (Saint-Saens) Recorded live

Produced by Ron Johnsen, Executive Producers: Lawrence M. Rosenthal & Myron Dickstein
Players: Jon Cobert - keyboards, Daniel Elfassy - drums, Rick Pascual - bass, Scott Woody - guitars, Julie Burgher - backing vocals (with Jon Cobert, Scott Woody and Klaus Nomi)

Simple Man
1982, Spindizzy Music / RCA S.A., Record No. : PL70229
Songs: From Beyond (John Dowland) [Based on the song "If My Complaints"], After the Fall (Kristian Hoffman), Just One Look (Doris Payne/Gregory Carroll), Falling in Love Again (Lerner / Hollander) [Original version from the film "Blue Angel"], Icurok (George Elliott), Rubberband Laser (Joseph Arias / Anthony Frere), Wayward Sisters (Henry Purcell) [From the opera "Dido and Aeneas"], Ding Dong (Harold Arlen / E.Y. Harburg) [Original version from the film "The Wizard of Oz"], Three Wishes (George Elliott/Jamie Dalglish/Sierra), Simple Man (Kristian Hoffman), Death (Henry Purcell) [From "Dido and Aeneas"], Return (John Dowland) [Based on "If My Complaints"],
Produced by Ron Johnsen & Klaus Nomi, Executive producer: Lawrence M. Rosenthal, Supervising producer: C.J. Ellis, Arranged by 1, 7, 11, 12 Jack Waldman, 2, 4, 8, 10 Kristian Hoffman, 5 George Elliott & Klaus Nomi, 9 George Elliott
In Concert
1986, RCA, Record No. : RC270B!JLPB!K or PL71145
Songs: Keys of Life, Falling in Love Again, Lightning Strikes, Nomi Song, The Twist, Total Eclipse, I Feel Love [Live Performance Recorded at Hurrah's 1979 (New York], Samson and Delilah

Encore (Nomi's Best)
1984 (CD)
Songs: Fanfare, Cold Song, Total Eclipse, Can't help falling in love, Simple Man, Wasting My Time, Wayward Sisters, Ding Dong, You Don't Own Me, Der Mussbaum, Lightning Strikes, The Twist, Samson and Delilah
Recorded and mixed at: Electronic Lady Studios, New York
European Representative : C.J. Ellis, 26, rue de Central Station NY, NY 10165.
Keyboards: Jon Cobert, Daniel Elfassy, Tomy Mandel; Percussions: Jack Waldman; Drums: Jack Waldman, Paul Rutner; Violin: Mickael Levine; Saxophone: Steven Elson; Synthesizers: Man Parrish; Bass: Rick Pascual, Robert Mache, John Kay

Klaus Nomi
1994, BMG France
Record No. : 74321226902 (CD)

The Collection
1991, BMG France
Record No. : ND 75004 (CD)
Songs: Cold Song, Can't Help Falling In Love, Der Nussbaum, Just One Look, The Twist, Total Eclipse, Three Wishes, ICUROCK, Wasting My Times, Rubberband Lazer, Ding Dong, Nomi Chant, Death, Wayward Sisters, From Beyond, Falling In Love Again

Urgh! A Music War
1981, A&M Records
A collection of new wave live acts, (The Police, UB40, Gary Numan etc.), Also available on video. Nomi sings Total Eclipse
Snakeman Show
Alfa Records, Inc. Tokyo, Japan, Record No. : 50XA-223/4 (CD)
Cold Song

You Don't Own Me / Falling in Love Again
Record No. : PB8783, 1981, Spindizzy Music / RCA S.A.

Nomi Song / Cold Song
Record No. : PB8864, 1982, Spindizzy Music / RCA S.A.

Lightning Strikes / Falling in Love Again
Record No. : PB8836, 1982, Spindizzy Music / RCA S.A.
Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead
1982, Spindizzy Music / RCA S.A.

Simple Man / Death
Record No. : PB9947, 1982, Spindizzy Music / RCA S.A.
Urgh! A Music War
1981, A&M Records
Tribute to Klaus Nomi
Victor Musical Industries, Inc. Tokyo, Japan
Falling in Love Again [different from album version], Lightning Strikes, Nomi Song, 4.Simple Man