Here are some cool links to things of interest to me....

Personal Links
My Livejournal
My myspace
My Comicart Fans gallery

Music Links

Tiger Army Official Site - my Tiger Army fan site
AFI - A Fire Inside Official site
Despair Faction - AFI's fan club
Viva Hate
Misfits Central
The 7th House - Ultimate Danzig site
12 Step Rebels
Lost City Angels
The Unseen
Mad Sin
Zombie Ghost Train
Cosmic Voodoo
Morrissey Music
Social Distortion
Bauhaus Musik
VNV Nation
Peter Godwin/Metro
Duncan Browne tribute page
Dead Or
Fields of the Nephilim
The Empire Hideous
Cult Central
The Cult
The Sisters of Mercy Official site
The Mission UK
Mars Volta
NIN Fan club
NIN hotline
Hank Williams III
Sasquatch & the Sick O Billies
800 Octane

Message Boards

The Ghost Tigers forum
the AFI Despair Faction message board
The 7th House
Zombie Ghost train fan message board
Punk Rock Domestics
The House that Screams
12 Step Rebels Board
Psychobilly Online
The Rue Mortuary
AFI Series

Clubs & Local Music Scenes

9:30 Club (DC)
Sonar (Baltimore)
The Black Cat (DC)
The Ottobar (Baltimore)
Alley Katz (Richmond, VA)
Baltimore Punk
Fletcher's (Baltimore)
The Sidebar (Baltimore)


San Diego Comic Con
Chiller Theater
Monster Mania

Comic and Art Links

Comic Art Fans
Grendel Guide
Matt Wagner Comics
Michael Zulli
James O'Barr
The Crow Fan Club
Linas Garsys
Grant Morrison
Verotik Comics
Frazetta art Gallery
Glenn Fabry Online
Simon Bisley
Marty Fuckin' Emond
Tony Harris
Yoshitaka Amano
Michael Hussar
H.R. Giger
Jeff Pittarelli
The Gaiman archive
The Shiflet Brothers
The Rossetti archive
The Salvador Dali Musuem
Virtual Dali
Aubrey Beardsley
Symbolist Art
The Museum of Bad Art


Harlan Ellison
Clive Barker
Anne Rice
Neil Gaiman
Joe R. Lansdale
Storm Constantine
Poppy Z Brite
Robert McCammon
Jonathan Carroll
The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore

Model & Resin kits

Gremlins in the Garage - the ultimate garage kit site
Garage Kit Links from Amazing Figure Modeler
Bowen Designs
Swede Creations
Fewture Models
Micro Mark
Monsters In Motion
Just Be Toys - Japanese toys galore!
page for Amarna Productions - model horses


The Internet Movie Database
Aint It Cool - movie gossip!
Roger Ebert's movie reviews
Everyone needs a hobby - Tim Burton fansite
Buckaroo Banzai FAQ
Dreams - Terry Gilliam website
View Askew - the offish Kevin Smith site


Buffy Guide
Spoiler Slayer
Tabula Rasa - Love, Redemption, Spike
Angel's Acolyte
City of Angel

Pages belonging to some of my friends

Coyote's Spookhouse
Angelynx's Archives
Satan's house o' kwality
Spyderbaby - Jeff's page
The Spookhouse

Let's Go Shopping!

E-bay - this place is dangerous!
GEMM Home Page - find that record/CD!
Digital Underground
Metropolis Records
ABE Books Searchable index of out-of-print books!
Axelizations - website of jewelry god AXEL
Amazing jewelry by Ruben Xolotol Viramontes
PNUT jewelry by Rusty Pistachio
King Doublebass
Lemur Music
Room 13
Lucky 13 Apparel
Daddy O's
Mode Mer
TUK shoes


Jinx Proof Tattoos - Washington DC (where I get all my ink!)
Hyperspace Studios - Guy Aitchison
Last Rites - tattoos by Paul Booth
Black Heart Tattoos - San Francisco
Bob Tyrell
Robert Hernandez

Other interesting and/or useful pages

Google Search Engine
Pollstar - search for tour dates here
Great Deals posted to Got Apex!
Baltimore Horse Country
The Museum of Depressionist Art
The Dark Side of The Web
The Internet Crime Archive
Dreamland - Devoted to the works of John Waters
Eddie Izzard
Cake Or Death?
The Oblongs!
The Venture Brothers
The Blitz Kids
Hexidecimal RGB Color Chart

(Note on web graphics - this page uses the "Barocopal" set from the much missed "Moyra's Web Jewels" site)