I love and collect comics and one of my main passions in the last few years has been collecting original art by some of my favorite comic book & fantasy artists. Here are pix of some of my favorite pieces in my collection!

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"Glenn Danzig" by Simon Bisley - very detailed color preliminary for the "Danzig 6:66 Satan's Child" album cover, also the actual image used on the CD itself. Here I'd been lusting after an original Bisley for fifteen years and less than a week after I bought the Lobo painting below I found this piece for sale & about died. Easily one of the coolest things in my collection!

"Lobo" by Simon Bisley - Original Game Art Painting 'Montage Poster' for Lobo Videogame. This is one of the original paintings Simon Bisley did in 2003 for the Lobo videogame developed by Kemco Games. Simon is best known for the greatest depiction of this famous character published by DC and licensed for videogame production. The piece was also signed by Simon Bisley in 2005 when he received the art back from the games company. Bisley has been one of my absolute favorite artists since I discovered the first Lobo mini series back in 1990 so it was a dream come true to finally win such a cool painting (of Lobo even!!) on ebay & get a really good deal :)

"Fire Arrow" by Michael Hussar - designed as a book cover for a young adult fantasy/horror novel ("Fire Arrow: The Second Song of Eirren" by Edith Pattou) from when he was doing a lot of illustration work. His stuff COMPLETELY blows me away - he's sorta like Salvador Dali meeting Carravaggio, Vermeer, Velasquez and Joel Peter Witkin in a blender - photo realistic pop surrealism with an unbelievable technical mastery that is at once beautiful and very disturbing. He describes them as �a voyeuristic snapshot of perceived humanity, complete with freaks and fakery; a gothic wonderland illuminating the gray area between truths and lies.� Check out more of his work at - http://www.michaelhussar.biz

"Alchemy" by James O'Barr
This painting of The Crow by his creator is my most prized possession. I first saw it when I first met O'Barr at the 1992 Motor City con and he showed me his new work. I could not get it out of my mind & it has haunted me since. When it came up for sale I knew if I didn't buy it I would regret it for the rest of my life so I grabbed it even tho I was in hock to the BessCutler Gallery for years (thank you Herb & Bess for letting me make payments!)

"Waiting for a Hurricane" by James O'Barr
Another Crow piece, this ran as a pinup in an "AMAZING HEROES" swimsuit issue

"Crow Sketch" by James O'Barr
Done for me at a convention!

"Crow" by James O'Barr
pen and ink T shirt design I found on ebay

"The Crow" by Jeff Pittarelli
A beautifully airbrushed painting of Brandon Lee in the movie version by one of my favorite illustrators, a lucky find from ebay!

Another movie star here, this is a self portrait (acrylc on canvas) by none other than the glamourous ghouless Maila Nurmi, better known as "Vampira", star of Ed Wood's classic "Plan 9 From Outer Space". Entitled "Moon Goddess of Mars" she signed it both as Maila Nurmi and Vampira!

I'm not sure what this is, I call him "Mr Pufferfish headed guy" but he's an original piece by my favorite director Tim Burton. (Paula came up with a better name, now he's "FUGU-BOY!")

"Rake at the Gates of Hell" Cover to HELLBLAZER #81 by Glenn Fabry
My favorite John Constantine cover by an amazingly talented artist.

Color sketch of Darrian Ashoka by Joe Linsner, done at Heroes Con 1994

Sketch of Hunter Rose purchased from Matt Wagner at the 2004 Baltimore Comic Con

Sketch by Matt Wagner of Grendel and Argent

a great eBay purchase - a brilliant splash page from GRENDEL by the Pander Brothers of Argent the wolf (Argent is my favorite comic character - I even have a tattoo of him on my right arm adapted from a Matt Wagner piece).I've been hunting for a good piece of Argent for approximately ten years so when I saw the absolute best Pander Bros splash page of him on eBay I was determined to get it no matter what!

"Birdcatcher" by Pushead - IMHO this is one of his best pieces, the detail is amazing!

"Bat creature sketch by Berni Wrightson
My only example of one of my favorite artists but still a cool sketch

"Ying Yang" by Michael Wm. Kaluta
Preliminary sketch for the artwork from the Danzig 4p album cover - I purchasedthis directly from Kaluta impressing him by showing him the tattoo on my chest of the finished version of this : )

Satanika Pinup by Michael Wm. Kaluta - a luncky ebay find!

First version of the cover for "The Art of Drowning" album by Alan Forbes - note there are different designs on the tombstones than on the version that was used. Check out his website at alanforbes.org/

Designs for T-shirts and memorabilia for the band AFI (A Fire Inside) by the talented Linas Garsys - I was especially thrilled to be able to find the original drawing of the Despair Faction "blackheart" logo (the winged heart) as I have a large backpiece tattoo based on this design. Visit his web page here: Linas Garsys

"Maya" by Michael Zulli, 2002 -:- 30" x 40" - Oil on canvas, A visual depiction of the Hindu principal of the universal force of illusion. A hothouse atmosphere generated by symbolic forms and colors. A fantasy painting in the symbolist/romantic genre

"Salome" by Michael Zulli, One of several Salome studies produced between 2003-2004 -:- an original unpublished painting. Acrylic on stretched canvas -:- image size 12" x 24". - this painting was adapted by the artist for use on the cover of the book, "Creatures Of The Night", by author, Neil Gaiman

"Your Painted Smile'" by Michael Zulli, 2003; 16" x 24" Acrylic on prepared masonite.

"I Will Wait for You" by Michael Zulli, early autumn, 2004 -:- 9" x 16" - Graphite and Pastel on heavy grade acid free watercolor paper. A personal tribute by the artist to the Belgian symbolists from the turn of the century.

"Love Is Far And I Am Waiting Still" by Michael Zulli, autumn, 2004, an invocation of isloation and stillness, recalling the style of Maxfield Parrish - Image size is 8 1/2" x 15 3/4" -:- Pastel and colored pencil on acid free pastel paper.

An unpublished painting/sketch of Dream/Morpheus (from "Sandman") by Michael Zulli

"Death and the Windy Day" by Michael Zulli, a lovely painting of Dream's sister Death from "Sandman". Somehow it makes it easierto think of Death as a cute little perky goth girl.

"Vampire" by Tony Harris
cover to "White Wolf" magazine - this wasthe first piece of Tony Harris' art I ever saw & I flipped for his style

"Vampire" by Tony Harris
Pen & ink illo from one of the "Vampire the Masquerade" books

"Werewolf-The Apocalypse" gaming book cover Cover painting by Tony Harris
A lucky ebay find!

"Werewolf-The Apocalypse" Another gaming book cover Cover painting by Tony Harris

Werewolf sketch by Tony Harris done for me at Heroes Con

two pages from "The Mummy" by Tony Harris

story by Tony Harris for one of the White Wolf "Werewolf the Apocalypse" books - sadly somebody at White Wolf spilled coffee on them but Tony was nice enough to give them to me as he knew I'd give them a good home!

"Lobo In the Chair" page by Martin Emond - I was extremley upset to hear of his passing and glad to finally add a nice example of his work to my collection.

"Halloween Party Invitation" by Craig Hamilton
This was used as the cover of NEGATIVE BURN and appeared as the inside front cover of VEROTIKA #1 as well as being used for a T shirt design.

more Halloween pieces by Craig Hamilton

"Songs of Silk and Blackened Bone" by Alan M. Clark
Utterly amazing large & detailed pencil preliminary for a painted version.I got this amazing pencil drawing by Alan Clark at the 1991 World Horror Convention. I find it fascinating because it suggests some sort of story tho I know not what. The style reminds me a lot of one of my all time fav artists, Gustave Dore'.

"Death" by Joe Phillips
This unpublished mixed media piece of Death (from "Sandman") is by the very talented Joe Phillips.

Inked sketch by Joe Phillips of my fav Main Man LOBO!

"Desnoirs" by Jim Balent
I met Jim Balent at a signing in northern Virginia and he was nice enough to do this sketch of Desnoirs from FROM THE DARKNESS for me

a print by my talented room mate Judy Renee Pope

Early pencil sketch of Faust and a sketch of Devilman by Tim Vigil

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