Vintage Customs

Take a walk down memory lane to visit some well known show models of the past, now happily in retirement at Amarna!

Please be sure to also visit my collections of pieces by Nancy Strowger and Julie Froelich!

DIAMOND SERAPH - Breyer Proud Arab stallion rep/rem by Kathy Maestas - he was another of Kathy's very first remakes & showed like gangbusters in the early to mid seventies!

TOY SHOP - Breyer Jumper rep/rem by Beth Peart, one of the most talented model artists of the 1970's. (1975)

SILVERDEN FANTASIA - Hagen-Renaker small B708 Zara repainted and haired by Sherry Cook McDonald, one of the most famous show horses of the early 1970's! (1972)

RAZZLE DAZZLE - Breyer Morgan rep/rem to a Part Arab gelding by Sherry Cook McDonald, he was also one of the most famous show horses of the early '70s and was Amarna's first live show Grand Champion! (1972)

AMARNA SETH - Breyer FAS rep/rem to an Arab stallion by Sherry Cook McDonald, he was the first show horse to carry the Amarna prefix and a top shower circa 1975-1976

COJO PRINCESS STEP - Breyer Stablemate TB mare rep/haired to a black Appaloosa by Linda Walter, one of the founders of the Model Horse Hobby who edited the great newsletter "The Model Horse Shower's Journal"