Original Finish Pete Stone models

I don't even generally collect OF Plastic models- traditionally they've all been "remake prospects" to me but I just couldn't escape some of the ultra cool paintjobs the Stones have been putting out!

BLUE HAWAII - Stone special run Ideal Stock Horse "Little Bird" in blue Appaloosa designed by Karen Gerhardt. This one has a lot more purple shading than most as well as reverse dappling. Thank you VERY much to Beth Lamm for trading him!!! His name comes partly from his Susan Bensema western set trimmed in blue suede & worth of Elvis himself. (kinda inspired the names of the rest of these ISHes...we got a theme going for the conga line!) Co-owned by Judy Renee Pope. Visit his girlfriend "Blue Heaven" here

MER DE NOMS - Pete Stone Artisan's Hall horse by Sarah Minkiewicz, Phase I, #78/112 (1996)

TLALOC - Pete Stone special run Pearl Arabian "Raingod" designed by Laurie Jo Jensen