Pour Horse Pottery pieces

I was lucky enough to get in on the "ground floor" when Pour Horse started and decided then and there to order one of each regular production piece! Click on thumbnails to view larger photos. Visit the Pour Horse Pottery website here

LISETER PETER PAN - Pour Horse "Owynn" in bay, 2001 NAN TOP TEN OF CHINA WELSH

EL TOPO - Pour Horse "Suspiro" in buckskin

PALOMA - Pour Horse "Worth the Wait" Paint mare in bay overo

VALARIE - Pour Horse "Saucy" in chestnut

EMMALEEN - Pour Horse "Bressay" in grey

ISOLDE - Pour Horse "Limerick" in chestnut

COLOURSOUND - Pour Horse "Collier" in chestnut roan

TARZAN - Pour Horse "Nomad" Tarpan stallion

ANTINOUS - Pour Horse "Hadrian" Dales Pony stallion

Pour Horse "Otto" sculpted by Sarah Mink and custom glazed to a chestnut roan by Joan Berkwitz - this piece is unusual in that it was cast in Bone China by Mark Farmer of Marcher Ware rather than in the normal Pour Horse earthenware.