Models by Judy Renee Pope

Judy Renee Pope was my room mate and closest friend for 20 years and I am devastated by her passing in 2007. See more work by Judy in the Model Horse Gallery

TRABAG- Breyer Proud Arabian mare that was remade & repainted by Judy back in the early 90s. She had been one of Judy's all time favorites and I remember how hard she worked to make her as perfect as possible in correcting every flaw as she knew that judges would knock her down for her wild markings even tho she was a portrait of a real Arabian mare in Argentina in the 1940s (who must have been pretty darned impressive as Lady Wentworth herself tried to obtain her). I can't even say how much it means to me to find one of Judy's favorites and I will treasure her for the rest of my life. you can see the real Trabag she was modelled after on mhy Pinterest board here - Trabag

SPIKE - Kristina Lucas-Francis "Tenorio" resin painted to a dappled chestnut Spanish Mustang stallion, one of Jree's favorites, was very happy to find him and purchase him!

CHARLES LE MAUVAIS - Breyer Classic "Man O' War" mold painted, haired & resculpted by Judy

Hagen Renaker "Lippet" with casting of Hagen Renaker "Amir" head resculpted to a bay Welsh Cob stallion by Judy Renee Pope

casting of Hagen Renaker "Wrangler" painted to a strawberry roan tobiano Shetland Pony gelding by Judy Renee Pope

AYESHA Hagen Renaker "Zilla" painted to a chestnut Arabian filly by Judy Renee Pope

EXISTENZ - Pinto Arabian stallion, limited edition "Lal-I-Abdar" artists china sculpted by Judy Renee Pope and produced and custom glazed by Joan Berkowitz of Pour Horse. This china was designed as a special run for Shay Canfield's October 2001 Break a Leg Live Show, where Existenz went Grand Champion simple custom!

SLEEPING IN FLAME - Kathi Bogucki "Dozen Roses" resin painted by Judy to a deep burgundy chestnut American Saddlebred stallion

DRACU AURIA - Bogucki "Aashiq" resin repainted to a pale chestnut Arabian by Judy Renee Pope

SONG OF KALI- Hagen-Renaker "Comella" repainted to a buckskin blanketed Appaloosa, body color by Elizabeth Bouras/Amarna, markings by Judy Renee Pope

SAMOTHRACE - Hagen-Renaker "Vanguard" repainted to a buckskin blanketed Appaloosa - body color by Elizabeth Bouras/Amarna, markings by Judy Renee Pope

KID ETERNITY - Hagen Renaker 7" B707 Amir remade! I had to make Judy to promise to take the back legs off when I wasn't home! (Good thing too as she used a hammer... it wasn't a loss for collectors though as not only did he have many breaks but also little detail) Mixed breed Pinto Pony gelding.

DANZIG - Breyer Stock Horse stallion repainted, remade & haired to blue roan overo Paint stallion

HOLLYWOOD BABYLON - Hagen-Renaker 8" QH mare retouched to overo Paint

BANGKOK HITBACK - Breyer Stablemate Arab mare remade to a very mixed Pinto/App/Fjord crossbred!