Repaints by Nancy Strowger

Nancy Strowger was perhaps the most talented repainter of the 1970's and early '80s and her horses were highly sought after and are still prized today by those who know what they are. The vast majority are straight repaints on Breyers tho she also painted many H-Rs and retouched some Breyers. They are especially noteworthy for their beautiful eyes and facial detail. She influenced many later artists including Julie Froelich and Tom Bainbridge and I taught myself how to paint by looking at her work. For unknown reasons she later started working in slightly different styles under the psuedonyms "Jason Ross", "Adrian King", "Sarah King", "Sarah Ross" and others and disappeared in the early '80s. In early 2000 she popped up unannounced at one live show in the Phoenix area and sold a few NEW models, among them the new Breyer Stablemate Paso mare below.

She is one of my all time favorite repainters and I am always interested in purchasing any of her works. If you have any to sell or know somebody who does please write me at

See more work by Nancy in the Model Horse Gallery. Also see some of her flat art here!

DESMINA - Breyer new stablemate Paso Fino mare repainted to a gorgeous strawberry roan - a rare RECENT Strowger from 1999! It seems very strange to see one of her paint jobs on a new mold!!

AMARNA BINT BUKRA - Breyer Proud Arab mare repainted to a fleabitten grey Arab mare - she is one of my favorite models of all time!

SISTINAS - Hagen-Renaker B708 "Zara" repainted to a stunning dappled rose grey.

ROSELLEN - Hagen-Renaker B708 "Zara" repainted to a dappled grey.

ELRAMUS - Hagen-Renaker "Amir" ceramic repainted to a fleabitten grey Arabian gelding

FLYING CIRCUS - Hagen-Renaker "Swaps" retouched with added markings to chestnut tobiano Pinto

SHAITAN - Holland bisque ceramic repainted to a lovely dappled grey Arabian

CRYPTIC FLOWERS - Breyer Stablemate TB mare repainted to a light dappled grey.

ELIZIUM - Breyer Stablemate Morgan stallion repainted to a dappled chestnut.

AMARNA MAAROUFA - Breyer Proud Arab mare repainted dappled bay

AMARNA BINT MAAROUFA - Breyer Proud Arab foal repainted dappled bay

STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND - Dodge Metal Saddlebred repainted dappled chestnut

Britains Ltd. mini repainted dappled grey in 1979

SYMBOLISM - Breyer Stablemate Morgan stallion retouched to a Pinto/Arab cross

SOLO FLASH - Breyer Stablemate Morgan stallion retouched to a Pinto/Arab cross

CONCHO - Breyer Stablemate QH stallion retouched to a Paint gelding

Breyer Classic Andalusian stallion repainted to a dappled grey under the alias "Jason Ross".

pending - Breyer SM QH stallion repainted to a black blanket App under the alias "Jason Ross".

SAMHAIN - Breyer Stablemate Seabiscuit repainted to a dark dappled bay Pinto with a hair m/t under the alias "Jason Ross".

MOURNING NOISE - Breyer Stablemate Seabiscuit repainted blue roan under the alias "Jason Ross" with Pinto markings later added by Judy Renee Pope.

JEMATRIA - Breyer Stablemate Arabian mare repainted and haired to a dark dappled grey under the alias "Jason Ross".

KHY NIGHT THYME - Breyer LB Morgan painted to a stunning shaded mahogany bay Morgan mare under thepseudonum "Sarah King" in 1991.