Lucas Studio Pieces

Some beautiful pieces by Kristina Lucas-Francis who sculpted many of the beautiful Pour Horses. Check out her own website here: or join her Yahoogroups mailig list lucashorsecollectors

GRABTHAR - "Knut" Fjord stallion sculpted by Kristina Lucas-Francis and produced in 1997 in a limited edition of 30 pieces, one of which was presented to King Harold of Norway. You can read the story of this wonderful little guy on Kristina's website here! The detail in this piece is unbelievable down to the tiny painted hairs in his ears & around his coronet band and his springy trot make him almost look like he's dancing. I honestly never thought I would own one of these and I am delighted to welcome him to my barn! His pedigree here!

OCTOBER RUST - Lucas Studio "Voltage" in chestnut

Pony head in dun by Kristina Lucas Francis

Custom horse Skull Pin by Kristina Lucas Francis - I won this in a contest on her Yahoogroups mailing list lucashorsecollectors that asked to describe how you would decorate one given a chance - I opted for "Cheesy Mexican Day of the Dead Folk Art Style" and Kristina nailed it perfectly!!! Just the thing for my wardrobe - thank you Kristina!!