Originals by Maureen Love

Maureen Love is a talented woman best known for designing nearly all of the horses released in ceramic by the Hagen-Renaker company, some of which were later licensed to Breyer. Outside of H-R she has also released some horses in limited editions on her own.

ABU FARWA - This is an original sculpture by Maureen Love who designed him as a test piece for Hagen-Renaker who sadly rejected this sculpture in favor of the turning "Abu Farwa" that they later produced. He is hand finished by Maureen as a portrait model of the real "Abu Farwa"! (1954) Shown here visiting his creator Maureen Love at the "Bring Out Your Chinas" show in Carlsbad, California on March 2, 2002. I am honored to have had the chance to meet Maureen a few years before she passed away in 2004.

MARANNAS Trotting arabian by by Maureen Love (1979)

ANASAZI - Indian Pony by Maureen Love, done sometime in the 1970's - the recent Hagen-Renaker mini is based on this classic scale piece


These are the more recent models by Maureen done with her friend Laurilyn Burson through their company "Made With Love"

Apache done in a stoneware finish by Laurilyn Burson (2003) to match my older Love Indian Pony

IBN FARWA - Made with Love lying Arabian foal in baby coated chestnut

ABERCROMBIE - Clydesdale in glossy finish