Models by Lesli Kathman

OUTLAW HEART - Here's a rare little gem - this model was a vintage Hagen-Renaker Seabiscuit bisque from the 1960's that was in the collection of Marney Walerius - Marney got him when she worked as a consultant for Breyer back when Breyer was considering leasing the molds that eventually became the stablemates and H-R sent Breyer bisque samples to choose from. Many years later I was able to purchase him from Vicki Neiduski who had gotten him from Marney, and Lesli Kathman was nice enough to custom glaze him to a neat tobiano/sabino dun with a blue eye since she knows I've a weakness for flash and any "bells and whistles" in pattern.

CHRISTABELLE - Pour Horse "Bressay" custom glazed to a dun Pintaloosa British Shetland Pony/British Spotted pony cross by Lesli Kathman (2002) - took Champion Pony and Reserve Champion Mare in the Custom Glaze divisionof the incredibly competitive BOYC 2003

ELOISE - An H-R mini Pony reglazed with darker points added by Lesli Kathman

CRESCENT SILVER CHARM- D'Arry Frank mini scale "Bolero" resin greatly refined and resculpted by Lesli and painted to the most exquisite silver dapple American Show Shetland Stallion (1998)

DESIRE - Boy does her name fit her - I lusted after her since I first saw her in Julie Kuiper's web page in Julie's private collection. Thanks to Molly Landholmthis doll is now one of my most prized possessions. She's one of the sought-after Leslie Kathman "Loki" resins resculpted & painted by Sarah to an amazing dappled dun going rose grey. I think she's one of Sarah's best!! 2002 NAN Champion AR Other Pony!

CAPTIVATING- Lesli Kathman mini scale "Paintomine" resin painted to a buckskin overo Paint mare by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig