Hagen-Renaker Collector's Class

"From Love With Love"
Collector's Class Entry of Hagen-Renakers

Designer's Workshop Hagen Renakers

Here are some of my favorite Hagen-Renaker horses! On this page are shown the larger "Designer's Workshop" models - the minis now have their own page. Click here to go on to more mini Hagen-Renakers and here to see more by Maureen Love, sculptor of the H-R horses including a very rare unused prototype rejected by H-R!

ANAZEH - At last! I *NEVER* thought I would own one of the rare Hagen-Renaker Designer's Workshop "Beduoins". "Thank you" to Leslie Baldwin for selling him to me!

GLORIANNA - "Glory" is the very rare Belgian mare mold "Sespe Violette" in mint condition still wearing her original sticker from 1955!

JEANNE D'ARC - This Percheron mare is the rare Hagen-Renaker "Crusader" in Monrovia grey, 2001 NAN TOP TEN OF CHINA PERCHERON

ISRAEL HANDS - Hagen-Renaker turning QH "Maverick", the newest addition here. This fellow was the 1995 NAN Champion China QH and is sired by Cynthia Gardner's "Poco's Nashville Skyline", a son of Marney Walerius' famous H-R Maverick from the early days of the hobby "Poco's Bucketsful of Trouble"!

GLITTER N PHASION - Hagen-Renaker large "Honora" Saddlebred in Monrovia grey

GLAMARAMA - Hagen-Renaker small "Honora" Saddlebred in Monrovia grey, 2001 NAN TOP TEN OF CHINA ASB

ABU SIMBEL - Hagen-Renaker scarce turning Arabian "Abu Farwa" in white

SAKREMENT - Hagen-Renaker HUGE Arabian "Nataf" in glossy white

AMARNA NEFERTITI- The true "queen" of Amarna, Hagen-Renaker Monrovia large "Zara"

NEFERTARI- Hagen-Renaker Monrovia large "Zilla"

ABDUL ALHAZRED- Hagen-Renaker Monrovia large "Amir" with amazing detail, I have been searching for one like this for years to match Amarna Nefertiti - thank you Tom!!

AMARNA IMDAL - Hagen-Renaker rearing "Fez" B612 in Monrovia white

AMARNA IMHOTEP - Hagen-Renaker very rare "Turning Arabian" mold in white grey

AMARNA JADAAN - Hagen-Renaker standing Arabian "Abdullah" in white grey

AMARNA RASHEEKA - Hagen-Renaker B708 small "Zara" in Monrovia rose grey

AMARNA MONIETA ALI - Hagen-Renaker B708 small "Zara" in white grey

AMARNA ABDULLAH- Hagen-Renaker B707 "Amir" in white grey

AMARNA BINT ASIL - Hagen-Renaker small "Zilla" foal in white grey

AMARNA AANISA- Hagen-Renaker "Sherif" foal in white grey, 2001 NAN TOP TEN OF CHINA LIGHT BREED FOAL

AMARNA MONISA- Hagen-Renaker "Fez" lying foal in white grey

SPIDER KISS- Hagen-Renaker "Love" Appaloosa

LAST CARESS - Hagen-Renaker TWH mare "Roan Lady" in Monrovia white

FAVORY ALLEGRO - Hagen-Renaker Lippizan in San Marcos white grey

ROUGH N TUMBLE - Hagen-Renaker glossy Thoroughbred stallion "Payday"

COSMO - Hagen-Renaker glossy Palomino QH "Topper"

VICTORIA'S SECRET - Hagen-Renaker TB Mare B750 "Comella" in buckskin

ROSSETTI- Hagen-Renaker TB foal B751 "Vanguard" in buckskin

LORD WHORFIN - Hagen-Renaker B671 "Swaps" in chestnut

DARKLY NOON - Hagen-Renaker "Terrang" in dark bay or brown

MALDOROR - Hagen-Renaker "Man O' War" in chestnut

GWIZA KRASA - Hagen-Renaker "Kelso"

ALL SAINTS ROAD - Hagen-Renaker "Silky Sullivan" in chestnut

FALINE- Hagen-Renaker "Nancy" in greyish brown

BAMBINO - Hagen-Renaker rare newborn foal "Tony" to match "Nancy"

QUISP - Hagen-Renaker B566 "Wrangler" in chestnut

SEVERN STARSHINE - Hagen-Renaker B548 "Heather" in Palomino

SEVERN TWINKLE - Hagen-Renaker B561 "Clover" in Palomino

LISETER MORNINGSTAR - Hagen-Renaker B549 "Thunder" in Palomino

Hagen-Renaker Monrovia "Thunder" in glossy brown

RAISING CAIN - Hagen-Renaker "Comanche" Mustang stallion in dark brown, 2001 NAN TOP TEN OF CHINA MUSTANG

FABIENNE - Hagen-Renaker B731 "Daisy" Mustang mare in bay

PAPRIKA - Hagen-Renaker "Miss Pepper" in chestnut

JOSE CHUNG - Hagen-Renaker QH stallion "Two Bits" in buckskin, 2001 NAN RESERVE CHAMPION OF CHINA QH!

NEVERMIND - Hagen-Renaker B756 "Shamrock" in buckskin

TWIST OF CAIN - Hagen-Renaker Cutting Horse with rider

HERITAGE TOPAZ - Hagen-Renaker "Lippitt" in Palomino

ROSIE THE DRIFTER - Hagen-Renaker "Forever Amber" in Palomino

ANAKIN - Hagen-Renaker "Mischief" Morgan foal in Palomino

WILDEST DREAM - Hagen-Renaker B681 "Drum Major" Morgan foal in Palomino

JENNYPENNY- Hagen-Renaker "Adelaide" donkey with her hat! 2001 NAN TOP TEN OF CHINA LONGEARS!

PLAY MISTY FOR ME - Hagen-Renaker "Performing Misty" in glossy palomino pinto

BROOKSIDE AMAZEMENT- Hagen-Renaker "Brookside Stella" HackneyPony in glossy bay

SERIOUS MOONLIGHT - Hagen-Renaker "King Cortez" in white grey

FAUST- Hagen-Renaker "Don Cortez" in black grey

Hagen-Renaker Monrovia "Sun Cortez" in matte Palomino

CODY'S DANCE STEP - Hagen-Renaker "Jamboree" Appaloosa in dun

BRANCUSI - VERY RARE Hagen Renaker Black Bisque horse!