Custom Glazed Chinas

Horsing Around limited edition "Cromwell" bone china Shire draft stallion sculpted by Doris Lindner of Royal Worcester fame and custom glazed by Joan Berkowitz of Pour Horse.

"Dayffd" Welsh cob sculpted by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig and custom glazed to a dark chestnut by Joan Berkowitz of Pour Horse.

Pour Horse "Otto" sculpted by Sarah Mink and custom glazed to a chestnut roan by Joan Berkwitz - this piece is unusual in that it was cast in Bone China by Mark Farmer of Marcher Ware rather than in the normal Pour Horse earthenware.

EXISTENZ - Pinto Arabian stallion, limited edition "Lal-I-Abdar" artists china sculpted by Judy Renee Pope and produced and custom glazed by Joan Berkowitz of Pour Horse. This china was designed as a special run for Shay Canfield's October 2001 Break a Leg Live Show, where Existenz went Grand Champion simple custom!

KHALEESI - China Arabian mare "Bakhitt" sculpted and custom glazed to an amazingly detailed satin finish dappled grey "Studio Unique" by Lynn Fraley.

OUTLAW HEART - Here's a rare little gem - this model was a vintage Hagen-Renaker Seabiscuit bisque from the 1960's that was in the collection of Marney Walerius - Marney got him when she worked as a consultant for Breyer back when Breyer was considering leasing the molds that eventually became the stablemates and H-R sent Breyer bisque samples to choose from. Many years later I was able to purchase him from Vicki Neiduski who had gotten him from Marney, and Lesli Kathman was nice enough to custom glaze him to a neat tobiano/sabino dun with a blue eye since she knows I've a weakness for flash and any "bells and whistles" in pattern.

CHRISTABELLE - Pour Horse "Bressay" custom glazed to a dun Pintaloosa British Shetland Pony/British Spotted pony cross by Lesli Kathman (2002) - took Champion Pony and Reserve Champion Mare in the Custom Glaze divisionof the incredibly competitive BOYC 2003

ALL THAT GLITTERS - "Boutonniere" American Saddebred stallion sculpted by Kathi Bogucki. This was a judge's color model awarded to the judges at the Horsing Around Live Show in 2044. This was the only chestnut with white socks. Fine bone china custom glaze by Horsing Around.