Meet the "herd" at Amarna -
here are some photos of my collection


Shown above - "Jaipur"
"The Horse with the Golden Saddle" sculpted by Pamela Du Boulay
Produced in bone china by Alchemy, proudly owned by Amarna

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Original Finish Models

Royal Worcesters
Hagen-Renaker Designers Workshop
Hagen-Renaker minis
Pour Horse
Lucas Studio
Franklin Mint
Alchemy Ceramics
Minis by Alchemy Ceramics
Pete Stone
Other Molds

Customs, Resins & Sculptures

Work by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig
  • Resins
  • Customs
  • Minis
  • Plastics
  • Chinas
  • Other Work

    Bronze sculptures
    Glaze Customs
    Maureen Love and Made With Love originals
    by Amarna
    Animal Artistry
    by Francis W. Eustis
    Rydals by Pamela Du Boulay
    by Lynn Fraley
    by Lesli Kathman
    by Judy Renee Pope
    by Pamala Hutton
    by Tom Bainbridge
    by Julie Froelich
    by Nancy Strowger/Jason Ross
    by Jean Barrett
    by Lynn Raff
    Vintage Customs

    A tribute to our talented tackmakers!

    Tack by Susan Bensema Young

    Left: Face to face with the great SECRETARIAT at Claiborne Farm

    Right: As a child with my grade leopard Appaloosa mare "Aphrodite".