Chestnuts and Sorrels

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KF MARCELLA - Linda York "Veiled" resin painted dappled golden chestnut y by Amarna (2002), owned by Lindsey Hall

MI'JO TYNG - Sarah Rose "UVM Yesteryear" Morgan stallion painted dappled liver chestnut for Melissa Gaulding (2002)

Donna Chaney Haflinger painted chestnut by Amarna (2002)

- Brigette Erbel "Miss Honey" resin painted dappled golden chestnut for Dana Donnelly (2002)

Breyer Standing Saddlebred painted to a dappled chestnut, owned by Linda Rager (2002)

CATALINA - Tracie Caller "Oasis" mini Warmblood mare resin painted golden chestnut (2001). Owned by Sheri Wright

THUNDERDOME - Breyer "Cedarfarm Wixom" painted to a dappled chestnut by Amarna (2001(, owned by Lori Daniels. Photo courtesy of Lori Daniels (thanks Lori!!)

Breyer "Huckleberry Bey" painted to a dappled golden chestnut by Amarna (2001)

MAD AMBER - Chris Nandell "Wilie Delight" resin painted to a dappled chestnut sabino by Amarna (2001) with markings by Judy Renee Pope. Owned by Jaimie Dick

GEORGE- Kathi Bogucki "Showman" resin repainted to a loud chestnut sabino as a portrait model!

Kathi Bogucki "Dozen Roses" resin painted dark chestnut by amarna, owned by Karyl Lynn Tirk

AMARNA EL NIMR- Edwin Bogucki "Aashiq" resin repainted golden chestnut by Amarna with added markings and rabicano roaning by Judy Renee Pope

HANSEL - Animal Artistry Haflinger repainted light chestnut by Amarna

AMARNA RIYALA - Animal Artistry mini Arab foal repainted foal coated chestnut by Amarna, live show Grand Champion

HEARTS FILTHY LESSON - Animal Artistry mini Hackney repainted chestnut by Amarna

MARIE LAVEAU - Animal Artistry mini Hackney repainted chestnut by Amarna

HERODOTUS - Breyer stock horse stallion remade cantering by Judy Renee Pope & repainted/haired chestnut by Amarna, owned by Shay Canfield

MONTERRAY'S BEYArabian stallion, Huckleberry Bey in liver chestnut, owned by Ildze Ekmanis

Huckleberry Bey in dappled golden chestnut

RYLEY - Animal Artistry mini Welsh Cob painted chestnut for Julie Harris

REMARQUE - Dabar "Infinity" repainted bright chestnut (inspired by the real TB stallion "Marquetry")

Pete Stone standing drafter repainted to a dappled sorrel Belgian

EXUBERANCE - Amarna Arabian stallion in chestnut

HALO GYR - Amarna Arabian stallion in chestnut, owned by Nora Doyle

Amarna Scherezade in dark chestnut

Amarna Scherezade in golden chestnut

Amarna "Scherezade" resin in chestnut

Amarna "Scherezade" resin in dark chestnut

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