Models By Animal Artistry

Animal Artistry is a small British company featuring the sculptures of the incredibly talented Donna Chaney. You can visit their website here. You can order their resin sculptures either finished to your specifications or unfinished. They are now also producing Donna's models in beautiful bone china versions by Alchemy Ceramics.

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AURENS - Animal Artistry mini trotting Arabian stallion sculpted by Donna Chaney and painted a dappled chestnut sabino by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig (2002)

AMARNA RISSALA - Animal Artistry mini Arab mare repainted fleabitten grey by Amarna

AMARNA RIYALA - Animal Artistry mini Arab foal repainted foal coated chestnut by Amarna, live show Grand Champion

hopefully someday I'll get around to painting all the nekkid resin ones I've hoarded!