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Most of these were done in collaboration with my friend & room mate Judy Renee Pope - base color by amarna, markings by Judy.

BIG EYED FISH Lori Daniels "Sheza Lil'Heathen" painted bright chestnut by Amarna with Pinto markings by Judy Renee Pope (2003, custom order for Shay Canfield)

Sarah Rose "Mephisto" resin painted red dun overo by Amarna (2002, owned by Monica Hambalko)

DRAECO - Sarah Rose "Hadrian" resin painted to a silver dapple tobiano by Amarna (2001). Owned by Nancy Mack

ARMANI - Amarna Arabian stallion resin painted to a buckskin tobiano by Amarna (2001). Owned by Nancy Mack

KAPUCCINO - - Debbie Lermond "Echo Magnifficoo" resin painted dappled rose grey tobiano by Amarna (2001). Owned by Colette Robertson.

Breyer Porcelain "Firebird" painted dappled bay tobiano by Amarna (2001).

Linda York "Tocar" resin painted dappled buckskin tobiano by Amarna (2001). Owned by Leslie Baldwin

SILVER INSPIRATION - Animal Artistry Shetland Pony mare resin painted silver dappled tobiano by Amarna (2001). Owned by Laura Fowler.

Pete Stone Ideal Stock horse repainted to dappled bay minimal tobiano Paint mare. (2001) Owned by Debbie Arnold.

MR SINATRA Breyer "Lonesome Glory" painted to a light golden chestnut minimal tobiano Pinto. Markings & blue eyes by Judy Renee Pope! Owned by Beth Hoffert.

PAINTED DESERT - Stone Ideal Stock Horse painted dappled buckskin tobiano (2000), owned by Alicia Isicson

- Pete Stone Ideal Stock Horse painted to a chestnut overo, owned by Allison Malone

SCRIBBLED COLORS - Pete Stone Ideal Stock Horse painted to a dappled buckskin minimal tobiano, owned by Ildze Ekmanis

Carol Williams "Parr's Dream Doll" resin painted to a bay sabino for Cindy Sikora

NECESSITO BURRITO - Carlee Balling "Pavo Real" Paso Fino stallion resin repainted smutty buckskin by Amarna with tobiano Pinto markings added by Judy Renee Pope, owned by Shay Canfield

FARINELLI - Tracie Caller's "Virtual Reality" resin painted silver dapple by Amarna with tobiano markings by Judy Renee Pope! Owned by Judy Renee Pope.

Kaiser porcelain foal painted light chestnut tobiano, owned by Sue Stewart

Breyer Adios remade to a bay tovero, pattern based loosely on a Bev Doolittle painting. Done for Marney Walerius, present owner unknown

Breyer Indian Pony remade to bay overo

Breyer Classic Andalusian stallion painted dark bay tobiano, owned by Shonnie Broady

Breyer QH yearling painted and haired bay overo, owned by Susan Bensema Young

DEVIL'S PLAYTHING - Breyer Hanoverian remade Cantering by Judy Renee Pope, repainted bay overo by Amarna, owned by Laura Von Hagel

Pour Horse "Limerick" repainted liver chestnut tobiano

Breyer Stablemate Mule repainted to a reverse dappled red dun "spotty mule"

Breyer Stablemate pony painted to a bay sabino

Breyer Stablemate TB painted to a bay minimal tobiano

Breyer Stablemate stock horse painted to a grulla tobiano

Breyer Stablemate Warmblood repainted to a mahoghany bay tobiano

Breyer Stablemate Paso Fino painted to a buckskin tobiano

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