"We shall learn that romance lies not in the things we do, but in the way we do them. We shall discover that catching a bus can be no less of an adventure than capturing a galleon. And if a man loves a lady he need not weep because the pillion of his motor-cycle is not the saddlebow of an Arab steed. We shall find that love and hate can still be more than empty words. We shall speak with fire in our eyes and in our voices; and which of us will care whether we are discussing the destiny of nations or the destination of the ashes? For we shall know that nothing else counts besides the vision. "

- Leslie Charteris

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Some webpages mainly of concert photos I have done...click on the logos to visit them

Ghosttigers.com - the Tiger Army fan site

AFI - A Fire Inside

Viva Hate - a great new band featuring Geoff Kresge (ex AFI, Tiger Army), Matt Wedgely (from The Force), Greg Utter (The Swingin' Utters) and Eric Razo (The Henchmen)! Official website & concert photos by yours truly :)

12 Step Rebels

Zombie Ghost Train

Lost City Angels

The Horrorpops


Mad Sin

The Rezurex

The Black Rose Phantoms

Alkaline Trio

The Empire Hideous

The Fiend Queen's Misfits Collection


Photos of the Sisters of Mercy by EVB

A tribute to the late lamented band - they were good friends that I originally ran the website for, would that they had gone out with a scream instead of a whimper! I've archived their site for any fans that are left or new folks just discovering them!

More more more!

I've been busy lately taking pix faster than I can get 'em on the page - here are a ton of recent shots!

The Unseen

The Dear & Departed

Bad Religion

The Gallows

The Guana Batz

The Koffin Kats

I Am Ghost

Psyclon Nine

Love Equals Death

Imperative Reaction

Left Alone

She Wants Revenge

Ends !n Tragedy

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