Psychotica on the road

The following photos were taken by Elizabeth Bouras on the road with Psychotica and Jack Off Jill - July, 1998. Even tho I usually don't have captions I felt some of these had to be explained. I had a LOT of fun & hope to do so again as I rejoin the tour on August 14!

The two bands are getting along very well...... Eric has here wrestled Robin Moulder (JOJ Bassist) to the ground (New Orleans, approx 5 AM)

Pat has learned the the only way to keep Jessicka from talking is to sit on her. (IHOP in Orlando, approx 4 AM)

Pat posing with Compulsive Behavior at the DC show

Pat with fan club member Michael Spadoni in Miami

Ena always looks so cool

Doug and Eric

Pat and Eric show off their nipples

Clint backstage

Tom backstage

Doug tries on the feather boa. Its all about glam.

Eric in feather boa

Eric posing

Miss Carrie working the merch booth

Miss Carrie & Synical (JOJ's soundman)

Jessicka decided we should all have a slumber party on the beach & sent Kate back to the room for all the blankets & pillows.

slumber party on the beach (L t R Jessicka, Clint, Doug, Tom, Kate in the back)

Jessicka vogues on Miami Beach at dawn after all night on the beach. I LOVE the lighting in this shot!

Jessicka and friends in West Palm Beach

Jessicka and EVB

Scott tries on a new face

Scott and Clint boogie down at the Abbey in New Orleans. Can you tell it is VERY late?

Brucie (Psychotica's tech) makes it clear -"do not enter"

Pat has opted for more sleep while everybody else makes a pit stop on the road

A retired piece of Pat's costume (a/k/a "Swamp Thing" later renamed "Bueller") became a grill ornament on the van when they left New Orleans