This is the complete Psychotica Discography.
It includes all releases, promotional and regular, plus limited edition items.

"Psychotica" 4 song CD EP
Tracks: Ice Planet Hell, Freedom of Choice, Valentine, Rain
Ventrue Entertainment/American AMR-0043-2
This 4 song EP was the first Psychotica release in June (?) 1996, predating their first album. It is basically a promo only item released to coincide with the 1996 Lollapalooza tour. This is the only appearance of the songs Valentine and Rain which are not available elsewhere in that format. On the jewel case is a small white rectangular sticker reading "Album Released July 23, 1996". Psychotica sold copies of it at Lollapalooza. It can also be ordered through the mail.

"Psychotica" full length self-titled debut album
Ventrue Entertainment/American 9 43089-2
Tracks: Ice Planet Hell, the worship, Starfucker Love, Little Prince, Stop, the call, Freedom of Choice, 180 degrees, the sleep, Flesh & Bone, Blue Fear, What is God, la chocha, Barcelona, the future, Cybernation, New Man, the awakening
Released July 23, 1996; their full album length debut. Two promo variants exist - click here for further info. This album is now out of print. I get many requests from folks asking where they can buy it - your best bets are to search eBay the online auction house or Gemm, a searchable database of record dealers.

"Ice Planet Hell" Promo CD single
Ventrue Entertainment/American PRO-CD 8376
Track: Ice Planet Hell (album version)
Radio only promo in jewel case with great cover photo!

"Freedom of Choice/Alien Love" Promo 12" single
Ventrue Entertainment/American AMR-PRO-035
Promo only 12" single in plain black sleeve with "Psychotica" and "Ventrue" stickers on it. Alien Love is a remix of Starfucker Love.

"Freedom of Choice/Alien Love" promo CD single
Ventrue Entertainment/American PRO-035
Promo only CD single in ps

"Freedom of Choice" promo CD single with Radio Mix (3:24), Club Mix (3:26), Album Version (3:26)
Ventrue Entertainment/American PRO-CD-8556-R
Promo only CD single in jewel case with sticker on front that reads 'PSYCHOTICA "Freedom of Choice" on tour with Tool November December '96'

"Freedom of Choice" promo CD single with Radio Mix (3:24), Club Mix (3:26), Album Version (3:26)
Ventrue Entertainment/American PRO-CD-8560-R
Promo only CD single in jewel case with sticker and backing.

"Freedom of Choice" promo 12" single
Ventrue Entertainment/American PRO-A-8560
Promo only 12" single in plain white sleeve with green sticker on it that reads "Freedom of Choice Psychotica on tour with TOOL November December '96 ".
Side 1 - Freedom of Choice Radio Mix (3:25), Freedom of Choice Album Version (3:26)
Side 2 - Freedom of Choice Club Mix (3:27)

"We Are The Dead" limited edition 7" 500 copies pressed on clear vinyl with printed insert. The first 50 came in a thick clear vinyl sleeve with the Psychotica logo silk screened on it (shown here). Most were done in green and pink but there are also black, red and mixed green and pink variants. There are also variants in the color of the insert (white, lavender and acid green). Released May 21, 1997. For info on ordering a copy please write!

"Espina" - full length album
Zero Hour Records ZER CD 1250
Tracks: Ding Dong Dead, Bleeding, Too Late, Blind, Breakable, Psychopharmacologist, MacArthur Park, February 14th 1979, Soldier of War
released June 9, 1998

"MacArthur Park/Ding Dong Dead" Promo 12"
Zero Hour ZER LP 1251
Tracks: MacArthur Park (side A), Ding Dong Dead (Side 1),
Promo only 12" on clear vinyl in clear vinyl sleeve with green sticker.

"Ding Dong Dead/MacArthur Park" Promo CD single
Zero Hour ZER CD 1253
Tracks: Ding Dong Dead (radio version),MacArthur Park (album version)
Promo only CD single in jewel case.

no artwork available "Pandemic" - full length album
Originally scheduled for release by Red Ant in 1999 but pulled due to their bankruptcy. Future release unknown.
Tracks: Modern Utopia, Pandemic, Harlow, Monsoon, Cross That You Bear, Fool's Gold, Euthanasia, Ocean of Hunger, Contradiction, Valentino (several variations exist with different versions of the songs in different orders)
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