Interview with ENA by Bikini Envy

This interview was conducted by Jeremy Gray a/k/a Bikini Envy for Bikini Envy Fanzine.

Jeremy: I've heard tons of stuff about REEKA no longer being in the band, so can you tell me whats going on w/ that and whats she doing?

ENA: Reeka might or might not be in the band. She disappeared, we are looking for her. We think she might have gone back to ice planet hell to cool out a bit.

Jeremy: I've also heard stuff about BUZ no longer being in the band...

ENA: Buz is definatley not in the band. "Creative Differences" we have a new guy....TONY the Tiger.(note from EVB - Tony was the original drummer lined up to replace Buz. However he never actually joined and they got Pete instead!)

Jeremy: What do you think about the other bands that you played with at LOLLAPALOOZA?

ENA: personally, I loved RANCID and DEVO the most. I didn't see much else honestly.

Jeremy: What did they think of you guys?

ENA: I think Rancid really liked us and I think That JOEY RAMONE liked us too or at least I hope he did. Yeah, He must have.

Jeremy: What about PSYCHOTICA not having a video out?

ENA: We don't have a video because uhh.....uhhhhhh....because.

Jeremy: Have you had any weird stuff happen to you at shows?

ENA: No weird stuff has happened to me at any shows yet. It has been quite the norm at least for me. I don't drink or do drugs so I really don't subject myself to too much weirdness.

Jeremy: Does psychotica have a new back up singer?

ENA: Psychotica will probably always have a back up or 2. We like the extra texture and dynamic.

Jeremy: Have you been in any other bands? Weren't you in White Zombie a long time ago?

ENA: Yes, I played on the WZ 7" and have recorded extinsively with YOUTH GONE MAD. The discography is on one of the web pages.

Jeremy: Do you ever get mad because Pat gets a lot of the attention?

ENA: Yes Pat gets a lot of the attention, but he likes it so he should get it more. Eventually you get used to it and no longer need or want it. That is kind of where I am now. If people want to talk about music and writing and Hikinig and camping and stuff, call me or write where I can try to help. But questions like "who are yr influences?" are way over my head. Especially in relation to PSYCHOTICA, because its an unfair question.

Jeremy: the album has been out since last you have any plans to record any time soon?

ENA: We are writing a new record, but my feeling is we might have some outside people write the whole thing to try and keep it more consistent. I know the inconsistency of PSYCHOTICA is the charm, however I would like a more new wave and electronic sounding weird record. Even more like a 50's SCI FI thriller with luscious Pat Briggs vocals on top. That would be nice.