my book report on pandemic by angi my book report on pandemic by angi
by Angi DiDonato

okay first let me start by saying it was awesome meeting some more list "kids". and awesome seeing some familiar faces. btw john did you get home okay?? email me private and i'll tell you why i asked. anyhoo

so the weekend started with me. mom, micah (see lil pat he does exist), and shaista. meeting up with slavid at the hotel. then we made our way to don hill's and once again i wowed everyone with my sakajewia (sp?) genes and got us to hoboken after only being there once before. so we get to the squeezebox and who greets us first but rudy. so i gave him the obligatory wet willy and the night began. met up with evb and coyote. saw everyone i hoped to see (sorry cassie i saw eric but didn't get your email until today). anyhoo so we saw candy ass play and that brought me back a couple years to the ol' punk rock days. i thought they were great. (/me ducks) then the house band came on and did a great set. i forget their guest queen's name. but she and justin? did ebony and ivory and it was awesome!!!. so then me slavid and my crew left and went back to the room at 4. evb, coyote and rudy got there later and then at 8:30 this maid walks into the room takes a look and the 8 ppl strewn about the place and walks back out. that was kind of funny. anyhow. so then 9 am of course i being mom of everyone all the time gets dressed and starts to get the troops roused. (roused not arroused sick ppl). so then we ate breakfast and tried to follow each other into the city. we lost liz right away on route 3. then once my car and slavids car got through the tunnel we lost slavid and i pulled over on a busy nyc street and waited for him. after taking a few wrong turns and getting on the west side highway going north instead of south realizing it and making an illegal u turn (oooooh us psych kids we're baaaaaaad) we head in the right direction and made it to don hill's. then we tried (lol) to go to st. marx on the subway got confused by the map and went back to the club. on the way we met mike, mike, and raichal (did i spell that right?) from baltimore (city not county). so we congregated at theclub. hnry, snaffle, their mom, and okewlie showed up and then. dink, rick, and jessica. so we had smooshed brownies which were awesome!! and liz and coyote and rudy showed up eventually. then some more ppl. i think the girl from june that me and shad berated (you know hey smile!! oh yeah hahahahaha) was there and she grimaced at us (wow that was unexpected) she was jealous cause i had a pretty bauhaus shirt on. anyhow the list retard, lil pat and kristine showed up finally and then the man of the hour mr. briggs and miss lisa! we all went in and sat down like good little bois and grrrls and listened to the album.....

omfg, all i can say is that this whole listening party thing was so evil because now for 2 months i'm going to be jonesing for the album. not fucking fair!!!! i really loved it! i have a feeling i know what the first single is going to be but i will keep it to myself. lesse by far euthanasia will prolly end up being my all time favorite. the title track was great! modern eutopia was up there with euthanasia. ocean of hunger, valentino, and monsoon being the slower songs were a nod (i think) to some of the songs on the first album eventhough they were very different they had that heart wrenching effect. imho. anyway i could go on and on but i won't because i don't know how much i should or should not devulge. all i have to say is mom cried both times through valentino. all and all a great album and i really am going to be depressed until june when the album comes out.

okay then the partay was done. john and his ride showed up close to the end of the second run through. so now it was time to eat i had a massive headache (which didn't go away until this morning i think i caught SOMEONE'S cold). anyhow so after the obligatory schmooozing it was time to find food. we walk up to washington square and stop along the way for sandwiches to bring to the park. well of course me and rudy and shaista and john stopped for falafel at like ed's falafel or something like that. wasn't as good as caesars but i had to suffice. so we ate and then it was time to walk all the way back to don hill's to pick up the cars. then it was off to the halland tunnel which didn't take nearly as long to get through this time as it had the first time i ever drove to don hill's (it took me an hour at 4am back in september to get from canal street thru the tunnel to 78.) so that was it we got home around 9 and had left around 7-7:30.

highlights: when getting gas at a station by the hotel the attendent was questioning if bauhaus was a death metal band and if i had gone to the slayer show. and shaista's response. well actually we're going to see the bauhaus and slayer concert and this band psychotica is opening for them!!

molestiung rudy's bat. and everyone molesting rick's pickachu!

pat freaking out at the squeezebox about something and me explaining it was all my evil plot cause he didn't take me to england.

being my perkiest of goff's self at the listening party running around and skipping and getting held upside down and spun around by dink-a-rink-a-do. and getting glared at by the oh too goth for me girls. they had pretty clothes though!

um i think that's it seeing everyone and having lots of pics taken of me which i demand to be sent copies of whether the are scanned or what!!

well i had fun and i'm sure i've left everything out so someone else take over!!!


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