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Custom Painting by Amarna
Elizabeth V. Bouras

A little background...

I first got involved in the model horse hobby in 1972 and started painting in the mid 70s . I took up airbrushing in the mid 1980s and have been painting fairly steadily since. Even though I have not been active in the hobby for a few years I have still done some commissions and also paint resin garage kits and Asian Ball Jointed Dolls.

I have a 4 year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (B.F.A.) from the Tyler School of Art, Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.

My work has won many NAN Championships, Top Tens, Live show Grand Championships and Championships.

To view my current work please check my Pinterest page which I will be keeping up to date with my newest work posted:


and I have an Amarna Productions Facebook page with albums of my (mostly) newer work sorted in photo albums by color:


My older work can be viewed here: www.psychotica.net/evb/amarna/portfolio.html

Painting Slots

I am aiming for a 6-12 week turnaround from receipt to shipping.


All models must be sent prepped *or* If prepwork is needed, my "in house" prepper (room mate) Paula O'Keefe is willing and available. She can be contacted at angelynx_prime@yahoo.com she generally charges between $20-30 for prep work (extra charges for messy casts, lots of pinholes, intricate manes & tails etc).

For very clean casts that only require some very minor prep work, I will do that & include in the painting fee.

I ask for one half down to start and balance due at completion/approval. Photos will be sent for approval and if changes are desired i will do my best to meet your request. Any completed commissions not paid in full within 90 days after completion and notification will be forfeited and sold (sadly I have had people completely disappear owing money over the years). You are certainly welcome to pay up front which will give your order priority and expedite shipping!

I prefer check or money order for payment to be sent at the time the model is sent (can be packed with it). Any checks or money orders should be made out to "Elizabeth Bouras" and not Amarna.

I reserve the right to use photos of my completed work to promote my services.

I reserve the right to refrain from painting pieces I feel are too anatomically challenged to be showable, I have tried to do so in the past and have found that I could never paint them to my satisfaction as I felt they always looked wrong to my eyes no matter how hard I worked on them. I think it best if I refrain from painting something that i know will fight me and I won't be happy with.

I will not copy another artists painting work and cannot paint in their style. I would prefer if somebody wanted a model painted like theirs they ask that artist. I also cannot guarantee that I can match a photo exactly but I will always try my best.

I do not charge extra for dappling, roaning, markings etc. My favorites to paint by far are dappled horses and I specialize in dappled greys and dappled rose greys and love doing ultra detailed star dapples. I also love dappled solid colors , especially bays, sooty palominos, silver dapples and buckskins. I am not entirely comfortable with many pintos or Appaloosas and feel that others can do better at them and prefer to only offer more minimal expressions of these colors. If you want a "hair by hair" roan or Appaloosa I am afraid I am not your painter, but if you want a beautifully dappled horse, that is my specialty.

Prices (effective January 2016)

Traditional Scale Adults - $250.00
"Extra large" Traditional scale (i.e. "Andre", "Equus Maximus", "Nataf") $300.00
Classic Scale Adults / Traditional Scale Foals - $200.00
Classic scale Foals / Little Bits / Larger-than-SM mini resins - $125.00
Stablemate scale - $100.00
(Other scales, medallions etc upon request)

If model needs to be drilled to be attached to base I will send back unattached so as not to risk any breakage and mounting will be owner's responsibility.

Painting costs do not include model (to be supplied) or return postage, please add enough for return postage/insurance and delivery confirmation to final (or full) payment.


I use the best quality materials I am able to find. Models are painting in acrylic paints via airbrush with hand painted details and sometimes coloured pencils and pastels for added effects. I have been airbrushing since the mid-1980s and have achieved a high level of control and am able to paint fine details and dapples with it. I use only Iwata brand airbrushes and my most used airbrushes are my HP-A and Custom Microns CM-B and SP-A along with a Mako Shark tank compressor. I have gathered the finest quality brushes I can find for hand detailing including Zoukei-mura Face Painting brushes and Artetje 100/0 Camlon Pro Plata Brushes for eyes and very tiny details.

I use Golden and Liquitex brand jar acrylics and Golden and ComArt brand airbrush paints. I've also just happily discovered the Vallejo model paints designed for military miniatures which have an extra fine consistency and come in lots of wonderful "horsey" browns and tans. I also may use a more mixed media approach when it suites the model and pattern with Derwent brand coloured pencils and PanPastel brand chalk based pastels. After painting the model is sprayed with several thin coats of "Mr. Super Clear" or Testor's Dullcoat matte spray with Liquitex Gloss medium is painted on eyes, nostrils and hooves to "bring it to life".

Contact: Please contact me at sistinas138@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest!

- Elizabeth V. Bouras

Stacy Tumlinson "Gizelle" resin painted dappled grey (2015),
owned by Sylvia Austin

"Sethanon", Sarah Rose "Deseoso" Andalusian resin painted dappled grey (2000),
owned by Susan Boyer

Breyer "Chanel" painted dappled rose grey (2015),
owned by Ashley Evans

Breyer "Chanel" painted dappled grey (2015),
owned by Kate Cabot

Eberl "Piroushka" resin painted fleabitten grey (2015),
owned by Danielle Miller

Emila Kurila "Heritage" Morgan stallion resin painted to a sooty dappled Palomino (2015),
owned by Shay Canfield

Sarah Rose "Khemosabi" Arabian stallion resin painted fleabitten grey with bloody shoulder marks (2015),
owned by Jackie Arns Rossi

Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig "Dafydd" classic scale Welsh cob painted to a sooty dappled buckskin" (2015),
owned by Katie Jares

"Groundpounder", Sarah Rose "Andre" draft resin painted dappled grey (2015),
owned by Beth Kusnetz

"Colors of the Wind", Maggie Bennett "Hornet" resin painted bay tobiano (2015),
owned by Kay Vance Norris

"Go Boy's Shadow" TWH stallion resin sculpted by Kristina Lucas Francis, painted to a sooty buckskin (2015),
owned by Beth Dickenson

Breyer Classic Haflinger Pony mare repainted to a slightly dappled mealy bay Exmoor Pony,
owned by Linda Perry Horst

Breyer Classic "Man O' War" painted to a heavily dappled red bay (2015),
owned by Mary Chrusciel

Sarah Rose "Tiny" resin painted to a light buttermilk buckskin Gypsy Vanner (2014),
owned by Beth Kusnetz

Lynn Fraley "Chet" TWH resin painted to a bright chestnut sabino (2014),
owned by Shay Canfield

Sarah Rose "Khan" Akhal Teke resin painted to a sooty dappled buckskin (2014),
owned by Beth Kusnetz

Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig "Spinnaker" resin to silver dapple (2013),
owned by Veronika Borovskaya

Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig "Sheza Carnival" resin to silver dapple (2015)

dappled rose grey Proud Arabian mare (2013),
owned by Karen Turner

Hagen-Renaker "Lippet" Morgan stallion painted to a dappled bay (2013),
owned by Beth Kusnetz

Edwin Bogucki "Trooper" painted chestnut Mustang (2013 NAN Reserve Champion!)
owned by Rachel Stacy

Christmas medallion painted to dappled grey

Current Commissions In Progress