A Fire Inside

Thank you for visiting my AFI site - or at least what used to be.

Sadly I have had to take my photos offline for the time being due to the so-called "AFI Media Sharing Community" hosted by QiShare.com. This site encourages people to upload their creations to earn points towards free merch.

Sadly they make NO attempt to verify ownership of the uploads *AND* claim in their terms and conditions that they then own the material uploaded to their site. As a result many photographers, artists and graphic designers who have been nice enough to post their work on the AFI message board and elsewhere are having their work shamelessly stolen and reposted without their permission so that QiShare can claim they own it & to reward the greedy little thieving bastards with points towards free merch.

If you would like to view a good discussion on the AFI boards about this problem please click here: http://board.despairfaction.com/showthread.php?t=78058

Please feel free to sign this petition if you feel that the original artists & photographers who's work is being stolen are being shafted and this idea is just plain wrong

View another commentary on QiShare from the Avenged Sevenfold fans who have also been subjected to this:

I have had a TON of my work stolen and posted on QiShare without my permission; its to the point that I am having to send them DAILY updates with links to more stolen pieces. A few have been deleted but many more have not been yet and I need to keep reporting them. Hopefully they will be taken down & the accounts that posted them deleted.

So while I unfortunately can't stop people from uploading photos of mine they've already saved to their hard drive I thought it best to remove what I do have posted until something is resolved and QiShare either develops some sort of verification system or it ceases.

Sorry to no longer be able to share - I know a lot of people have enjoyed my photos but sadly many can't respect my rights.

- Elizabeth V. Bouras

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