12 Step Rebels are a great psychobilly band hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico -I found out about them while roadtripping the southeast to go see Tiger Army a bunch of times onthe Hellcat "Punks Vs. Psychos" tour. Tiger Army are fans of theirs too - in fact they are the first band Geoff Kresge has signed to his new record label Dead Body Wreckords. Check these guys out - they have great songs and are a ton of fun on stage!

Their official site is - www.12steprebels.com

12 Step Rebels Message Board here - http://rebelrock.proboards1.com

12 Step Rebels are:

Jakob Insane - Vocals & Guitar
Mad Dog Chad - Drums
Hamburgler Nate Hancock - Vocals & Stand Up Bass

Now available!!! "Go, Go Graveyard Rockin' With 12 Step Rebels!"
You can order it online from Flying Saucer Records

Photos byElizabeth Bouras - Click here for contact info

from The "Punks Vs. Psychos" Tour, Spring 2004

The Social, Orlando, FL - May 12, 2004

The State Theater, St. Petersburg, FL - May 13, 2004

Spankey's, West Palm Beach, FL - May 14, 2004

Thee Imperial, Jacksonville, FL - May 15, 2004

The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA - May 16, 2004

After the show at The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA - May 16, 2004

At the Tiger Army Record Release Party:
The House of Blues on Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, CA - July 10, 2004

Hellcat Records "Give 'em the Boot IV" Record Release Party
Knitting Factory, Hollywood, CA - November 30, 2004

On the Dark Romance Tour, Spring 2005:
The Agora, Cleveland, OH - April 27, 2005

The Return of 12 Step Rebels - 2007!!
Alamo City Wreckfest, Rock Bottom Tattoo Bar, San Antonio, TX - August 17, 2007